Book Review - Brinda : The Extraordinary Story of An Indian Girl (Femme Fatale)

Title - Brinda : The Extraordinary Story of An Indian Girl(Femme Fatale)
Author - Deepthi Ayyagari
Genre - Crime, Thriller & Mystery (Contemporary Fiction)
Publisher - Wordbuzz Publishing
ASIN - B07L65W75J

An extra ordinary story for sure.

Why do I say that?

The story is a perfect capture of what a person has to go through especially when it is a girl child who was born in a remote village. What would make the situation worse is if the girl child loses her mother at a very young age. This is what happens with the protagonist Brinda. She finds some solace in her granny but that did not last long. Her father was a drunkard who hardly came home. Since she was a young girl by then, her granny has to do some handiwork to help in running the family.

However, things starts looking better when she was offered a job at the palatial house of a local MLA. Her granny did not think twice before sending her despite her wish of staying back. She finds a perfect friend over there in the form of Payal. Though there were lot of things going on in the house, Payal had given her the maximum care and protection not until the son of the MLA - Virender aka Viru tries to lay his hands over her.

Brinda escapes from the iron fort. 

How did she manage to escape?
Has someone helped her?
Was she successful in evading the search unleashed on her by the MLA?

As they say, when one door closes - another door opens, Brinds finds solace in the house of a local teacher. He had a Son. He too gets attracted with Brinda. 

What happens next?

On the other hand, the ever powerful MLA had to face something unimaginable.

Who plotted this vengeance against him?
Was he made to understand his mistakes?

Though the book began on a slow pace in the beginning, as and when it progressed, it started gaining the momentum since there were few twists and turns coupled with love, support, treachery and lust. 

I am sure, you will go through mixed emotions when you read this book since it brings out the stark reality especially when the subject matter is a girl. A laudable effort by the author and it surely wins my appreciation for having captured the life of a girl and how the transformation happens, slowly but gradually which would serve as a motivational factor for many of the underprivileged girls...

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