Book Review - A Journey in Search of Happiness

Title – A Journey in Search of Happiness
Author – Ramya R. Moorthy
Genre – Motivational
Publisher – Happy Self Publishing

The book is divided into 9 chapters out of which almost 7 chapters speak about some concepts that can be utilized to lead a meaningful life (also given as a punch line below the title.)
However, the author has mentioned only 5 concepts or life teachings, they are:
1.       Count your Blessings
2.       Meaning of Success and How to Harness the Power of the Subconscious Mind
3.       Happiness Secret
4.       Self-Realization
5.       Leading a Self-Disciplined Life

I totally agree that from those 7 chapters, if rounded up, these 5 teachings come up in the forefront. The best concept in the book is ‘Count Your Blessings’. We humans either profess over the future or mull over the past deeds, but we hardly pay attention to what we have in the present. So, if you make a gratitude journal or diary and jot down the points about the values and objects you owe, you will certainly feel relaxed and contended. One must do this exercise every day.

A person can have many talents, and if that person makes out what he or she has to stick with, then these can kind of people are called highly successful or game changers in our society. But the question is that a human being can have many talents, so how does one decide which to follow and what not to do. This is brilliantly answered in the book. You better read the book in your comfort zone, as it’s a light read with around 153 pages, however, there is much to grasp from it. To me it sounded like a fountain of knowledge.

Chapter 9 is not mentioned in the blurb of the book, but in its true sense, is the essence of true success and happiness in life. What is that? This quotes sums it up aptly:

Author, Neale Donald Walsch, said, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Here is the excerpt from the book:

You need to be mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally well equipped to lead the life you aspire to live. If you have self-discipline and will power, you can improve your personality traits and become a Game-Changer.

This chapter 9 is about ‘Living Beyond Limits’ and truly motivates to take up the things that one often thinks of doing and keeps procrastinating but never takes the action due to comfort zone.

I felt inspired when I read, in the same chapter, about the comedian Alexander Babu. Even in other chapters, there you can find a plenty of quotes and life history of other famous people, and the author’s tips and wisdom.

Talking about the fictional side of the book, the narrator Shivani is upset upon seeing her worrying daughter Anila, who has accidently lost hearing powers. Thus, to inspire her, to generate that spark of passion into her, the family takes Anila to Thailand for vacation on her twelfth birthday.

In the guise of holidaying, it is Shivani who takes her daughter from the rest of the family and teaches her these concepts (7 given in the book). Their chemistry set the fictional tone of the book and it really made me think that how real this book sounds. Also to watch is the result of these concepts on Anila. Well, that is secret! You must read the book for full information and story. Overall, a good and light dose of many concepts that can change anyone’s life in a short duration of time.

This book is available on Amazon.