Book Review - Myth of ‘Free Media’ and Fake News in the Post-Truth Era

Title - Myth of ‘Free Media’ and Fake News in the Post-Truth Era
Author - Kalinga Seneviratne
Genre - Journalism / Industries and Business
Publisher - Sage Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-532-8674-3

An enlightening book when it comes to the field of Media. We all have had our notion as to whether the media is genuine and what we see is true. This book opens up the field of Media to us and shows in great detail as to how this field has evolved, transformed and what are the factors that determines the news that is aired in/via the Media.

One must not forget to read the abbreviations which occupies the first 2 pages(4 sides).This would make you familiarize with the short forms that were used throughout the book. If you are not sure about any of them even after reading it, you can always go back to get it checked. 

The book is divided into 10 chapters. Each of them analyses certain aspects in details. There were lot of real time evens that were given in this book. This would enable us to understand much deeper as to what exactly has happened in the past, happening in the present and may happen in the future. It is undoubtedly a bold attempt by the author who has tried his level best to break the Myth. If you are already into Journalism or aspiring to become one and to make a career out of it, this book would come handy.

The experience of the author in this field is pretty much evident with the way he has portrayed the incidents involving him in some cases. His classic recount of few cases would make you wonder as to how the Media is turned and twisted in favor of others.

Author has tried to cover all the aspects in this field which includes Media Function theories, Imbalance in the news, Human Rights, Ethics in Journalism, Fake News, New Thinking, Neoliberalism etc to name a few and I must say that he has succeeded in bringing out the best which would certainly convince the readers.This 300 odd page may look bulky but it is certainly worth the read.

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