Book Review - Stories Of Us

Title - Stories Of Us
Author - Bobby Sachdeva
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Pan Macmillan India
ISBN - 978-93-89109-02-3

This book by Bobby Sachdeva is a brilliant collection of 41 short stories which you would finish it in no time. When I say this, I am confident about it and the content it has which could make any of the reader to keep hooked from the beginning till the end. It was no wonder for me when I read that some of the stories would be made into short films.

The content of each and every story is different. It is gripping. Though it comes under the term "Fiction", the story reflects the day to day happenings in our life and would make you to think yourself twice about some of the beliefs. Do note that author through his stories is not ridiculing it but is trying to provoke your inner conscience to question about those. This is what even he does it in the end of every story by asking few questions which is more relevant.

The stories were presented to you in such a way that you would never feel bored but feel inspired. He has touched upon wide variety of topics which includes but not limited to Philanthropy, Horoscope, Third Gender, Vastu Shastra, Euthanasia, GST, Demonetisation, Pets, Compatibility, Family Relationships to name a few.

Trust me, each and every one has hit on bulls eye and the message he wanted to convey cannot be put forth in a way better than this. A master narration is what this book is all about...

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