Food Review - Chocolicious Evening at Chocolate Heaven

About the Restaurant:
The Chocolate Heaven Chennai is located on Pantheon Road - just next to Fruit Shop on Greams Road. If you are visiting in the evening, do not trust the map but your instinct since it is one way from 5-7pm and I as well as my friends has to go on a roundabout until we found this place on our own 😂
They have parking facility for 2/4 wheeler. This is a cozy restaurant which is good for get together, small party, hangout with friends etc.,
Restaurant has unique tables. If you look at it in detail you will find out as to what makes them different. No prizes for guessing.
They maintain pretty cool temperature inside and the staffs are fast. They serve the items with a smile on their face. We had difficulties in finding the name of the dishes but that isn’t an issue here. We loved the food the most. A separate post is coming up next for that, as usual.

I have also made a short video inside the cafe.

Highly recommended 😍

About the Food:
What did we have?
Cucumber mojito
Lavander basil mojito
Pizza arrabiata
Creamy four cheese spaghetti pasta
Panner makhani pizza
Chilli garlic potato pops
Mango basil margarita
Spinach garlic fusilli pasta
Brownie pizza
Nutella pancake
Heaven famous pancake
Chocolate x3 sundae
Triple decker choco fudge
We were extremely satisfied with each and every dish/delicacy. Like they say, it was a perfect impression on the very first item that was served to us - Cucumber Mojito.
Each and every dish that followed next made us to say “Vera Level”. They were crafted(cooked) with perfection which made us to drool over them again.
I do not want to pick up on a particular dish but in general as their name implies, we had a lovely time tasting their chocolate delicacies which includes Pizza, Pancake, Sundae & Fudge.
If you’re having a sweet tooth or crave for Chocolate, you wouldn’t want to miss this place.
P.S. They also have an outlet in Alwarpet