Book Review - Office Break: An Attempt on Image Based Poetic Snippets to Provoke Laugh & Thought during Office Break

Title - Office Break : An attempt on image based poetic snippets to provoke laugh & thought during office break
Poet - G K Esitha
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Umayavel

A collection of real thought provoking poems. I would say this is a novel attempt since this is the first time, I am coming across a genre which is filled up with fun coupled with some great imagination. A story can be written on these lines but not the poems since it is real difficult to conceive the wordings and most importantly, the flow.

Each and every poem has a picture which would make you think otherwise because our human brains are designed in such a way that we always try to connect the dots. I did the same trying to connect the title with the picture but I realized that I was incorrect, each and every time.

Do not miss the foreword for sure. Each of the title were intriguing. I loved all the poems but would like to highlight some of them in particular which includes "Cappuccino with..", "The Fire Fight", "The New Car", International Calls", "Screen Sharing", "Work From Home"among others. These poems were very much drawn from our day to day activities and if you are a employee, irrespective of what job you do, I am sure you would be able to connect most of these poems with your day t day life and these poems will surely make you smile, if not laugh. 

I would certainly recommend this book. It is worth your time and money.

This book is available on Amazon in the kindle format.

BookArt101 - A perfect book listicles blog

Image Credit : BookArt101

Are you a book lover? 
Do you splurge on books?
Do you love various genre?

If your answer is yes, do you know where you need to go to for the books which are highly recommended?

Your search ends with BookArt101. This is a book blog which takes pride in informing its readers that all the reviews and descriptions of the book listed here are bona fide and penned by seasoned writers, critics and readers.

I happened to came across this listicles by chance and immediately fell in love with it. Though they have limited categories, each and every one of them gives you an array of books to choose from. These categories include:

  • Authors, Writers and Poets
  • Best Books
  • Books Of The Century
  • Indian Authors
  • Indian History
  • Indian Novels
  • International Authors and 
  • Uncategorized
You could find the best of Munshi Premchand, Vikram Seth, Jeffrey Archer and Salman Rushdie's books. The 20 best books of the 20th Century has certainly captured by attention. Opinions differ from person to person. However, the list of the books covered in the best books category would surely find more takers than the others.

The 10 books on Indian History and 10 Best Books by Indian Authors ever wouldn't come as a surprise. These were well known names and titles which had won accolades throughput the world bringing laurels to India in the field of Literature.

If you are confused about the titles, this blog would help you choose the best ones which are out there. Most of the times, it is these books which we would tend to forget by oversight.

Last but not the least, there is a section for books on Pandemics and Epidemics. Do not forget to catch a glimpse of it too. The 8 ultimate benefits of reading books is something you should not miss out on. I felt the content was so appealing. I am sure after going through this book, you would book mark it for sure and recommend it to your bookish friends too :-)

Make the best use of this lock down period!!

Author Focus - Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira of Arya Dharma : The Noble Dharma


1.What motivates you to write?

Dhyan:  God has blessed me with a life where I have been able to travel the world and live among different kinds of people and have gained a lot of life experiences both good and bad.  I wish to enlighten people of a better way based on my life's insight and experiences into our heritage and the state we are in today. 

2. How did you feel after publishing your books?
Dhyan:  I feel good after publishing my book. It has come out well.  It is a  lengthy book, but each chapter is a story by itself and so it can be read in bits.  There is a lot I have left out that can be found in my Medium page (https://medium.com/@dhyan.ba) and also in  my blog at https://aryadharma.world/articles.  I feel good when I get feedback from readers as can be seen at https://aryadharma.world/index/feedback-from-readers/ .  My aim is to reach as many people as I can.  Money is not the main motivation, reaching people with a better way is my main motivation and  there is a free ebook that can be downloaded from my website for those who cannot afford my book.

3. What are some of your favourite novels and authors?
Dhyan: Growing up as a teen I used to like Hardy boys, Amar Chitra Katha, Arthur Conan Doyle and Stephen King.  But my Dad also had a good library of Swami Vivekananda's works and as I grew up I liked to read the works of Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanJiddu Krishnamurti,Adi Shankaracharya,Alan W. Watts and Roald Dahl.  I also like to read economists like Hernando De Soto, Hayek, JC Kumarappa, Nicolas Taleb and others.

4. Is there a specific reason for naming your novel?
Dhyan: Arya means noble in Sanskrit.  Dharma is a way of virtuous living.  My book is about a way of noble and virtuous living hence the name Arya Dharma 

5. Where do you write from? Do you go to some specific place, like beachside or the hills?
Dhyan: I write from my home office in Bangalore which is owned by my father to whom I am especially grateful for letting me use it.  I also like to write in our family farm in Kodagu. 

6. What inspired you to write the books(in general)? Any tales to tell…
Dhyan:  My book only has about 70% of my work.  My blog was my main inspiration to enlighten people that there is a better way.

7. What was your biggest learning experience throughout the writing process?
Dhyan:  Writing on a blog has no limits you can go on forever.  However writing in a book has size limitations and even though I tried to condense my work, it still came a bit lengthy.

8. Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in as a writer?
Dhyan:  I always had a gift for writing.  What I did write was develop interest in a wide selection of authors who I have mentioned, that form the basis for my work. 

9. Any best piece of writing advice that you would like to share with new or struggling writers? 
Dhyan: Dont hesitate to put your words to paper or in these times in a blog.  You never know how your words may change and influence others. 

10. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?
Dhyan: Though I am usually very calm, sometimes I have a short temper.  I am not a serious person at all even though my book is so serious.

11. Any future books that you would like to discuss now?
Dhyan:  Based entirely on my life's experience and insight from experts I am following, I am working on a  book on how to manage money wisely and also a book on natural farming which is the only sustainable method of farming.

12.What other profession excites you the most?
Dhyan: Natural farming and investing also interests me.  You can never get excited and impulsive in these sectors, you have to approach it in a devoted, patient and disciplined manner and manage risk wisely.

13.Any special mention about your reader (be it with reviews/feedback or anything else)
Dhyan:  Most of the good feedback I have received is at   https://aryadharma.world/index/feedback-from-readers/

14.Do you write the story at a stretch or you take your time to complete it? If you take a longer time, wouldn’t you be forgetting the story? How do you tackle it?
Dhyan:  I write the main underlying essence first without editing.  This hardly takes me about 2-3 hours.  Then I flesh it out and edit it.  I dont write at a stretch, I write in blocks and always email or make notes about my work on my mobile.  This way I remember the trail of thought. 

15.Traditional or Self-Publishing? Why?
Dhyan: I chose self-publishing because I wanted editorial control.  Also it is an easier route to get your book out than having to approach multiple publishers for interest to publish. 

16.How is the response so far for the book?
Dhyan:  Most people who read the book and know me, cannot believe I wrote it because it is so enlightening, insightful and serious and personally I am a clown always making fun of things and not taking things seriously.  Even strangers have appreciated my book.  Due to the Covid sales of the book is slow since online sales are available only for the ebook version.  I hope with more active promotion and lifting of the covid lockdown, response to my book should improve.

Book Review— The Real Wani—Kashmir’s True Hero: A Definitive Biography of Lance Naik Nazir Ahmad Wani

Title—The Real Wani—Kashmir’s True Hero: A Definitive Biography of Lance Naik Nazir Ahmad Wani
Author—Sonal Chaturvedi
Genre— Biographies & Autobiographies
Publisher— Bloomsbury India

I have read quite a number of books on Kashmir–based on insurgency, migration of Kashmiri Pandits, Pakistan-India Kargil war, or a simple love story against the verdant backdrop of the earth’s heaven. But never came across a story of a soldier that too hailing from the state itself. Curious enough, I got my copy from a friend. According to this book, the real hero of Kashmir is Lance Naik Nazir Ahmad Wani instead of that slain terrorist Wurhan Wani. The title itself is strong enough to stir inquisitive among the people.

I finished reading the paperback version of the book in less than a week’s time. The story took me on a tour where I saw how a young hardworking Kashmiri lad sets his journey till he is conferred with Ashoka Chakra posthumously. His personal journey and sacrifice were simply incredible. I think we need more soldiers like Nazir Wani who could identify and fight hidden terrorists in the milling crowd of Kashmir.

The book is a good take on Kashmir’s politics and how army and other forces operate there. No doubt, it is written in such a brilliant manner that it got a letter of appreciation from our army chief General Bipin Rawat. Before the story takes off, there are recommendations and forwards by the army people with whom Lance Naik Nazir worked. He was a fearless soldier and cared more for his colleagues than his life. He played indispensable roles at many operations but in 2018 Operation Batgund he was martyred. The events described in the book look so surreal I felt as I am there beside Nazir and his army.

The book is not all about army busting terrorist hideouts, rather it is also high on Kashmiri culture and taboos, beliefs, and other things. I liked casting of Nazir’s love affair with Mahajabeena and how she handled life in the aftermath of his sacrifice. People from Kashmir and army can relate more to the book and somehow it has a soul of Kashmiriyat in it. Written in lucid manner, Sonal has etched a story that is received well by showing the current Kashmir crises. She has highlighted the right sense of sentiments among patriots. I hope you too enjoy reading this book as much as I did.

Without breaking spoilers, I would recommend you to read this book to know how Nazir joined army from being helping to terrorists earlier. What was the reason behind that transformation? His personal home story, love story, sub audition between fellow mates, understanding of the land and culture – all combined this – how did he evolve as a national hero? Indeed a definitive biography of a soldier. A must read book for all of us!

This book is available on Amazon.

Book Review – The Burning School by Sandesh Raj

Title— The Burning School
Author— Sandesh Raj
Genre— Crime, Thriller & Mystery
Publisher—Notion Press

The Burning School by Sandesh Raj is definitely one of the untold stories from Kashmir. This novel was running a little over 400 pages, but it became one of my favourite in the recent time. Why? Because the novel was written about a concrete them: education empowers the people. You heard it right. The novel features Naved as the lead character, he is passed out from IIM, but still chooses to work for poor students in Kashmir. He is from Lucknow. He hails from an army family. Despite knowing the terrorism in Kashmir, he goes there to teach students preparing for the IIT exams. As he reached there, a new land awaits him. He gets company of one of the close students named Ashraf who also arranges for his home and food.

Naved is sad to see that there schools are being burnt by the terrorists so that children can be used as stone pelters to disturb the armed forces. As Naved delves deep, he finds that students are scared to go to schools or matter of fact there aren’t enough schools left in his area of sojourn Baramulla. Naved takes up the challenge not only to prepare aspirants for IIT exams but also to reopen schools for young children. How and why, fills the most narration in the story.

Naved’s journey to empower students by education is not so smooth, he has to first face the distrust of the locals and the threat of terrorists and the intervention of local police. Will he be able to succeed in his mission or would land up in jail just like any random terrorist?

After some initial chapters, the story takes us to a higher level and a new era of thrill begins. I totally enjoyed his journey and the local flavour and his involvement with the soul of Kashmir. I appreciate the overall structural concept of the story. Sandesh Raj is a highly promising author with the ability of building great stories on humanitarian ground. The novel is lucid to read and have good grasp over pace. All in all, a good story with amazing sub plots and twists.

This book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - Arya Dharma : The Noble Dharma

A book which is the need of the hour.

What is so special about this book?

The contents of this book are not the usual one. It is a 600+ page which needs detailed study. Hence I would suggest you to read few pages only, in a day. I was totally amazed because the book is a confluence of most of the religious texts/books/literature since author has mentioned that he has read the religious book more than once.

I do not know the possibilities of application of a book to a greater extent but if it was done, it would surely lead to a Utopian Society where there is no religion and all the subjects would be following the highest order of Dharma called Arya Dharma.

There were lots to learn from this wonderful book. I am trying to mention few of them which I found it interesting/appealing.

Do you know?
The left facing Swastika has Buddhist origins but this was not completely true. It is the embodiment of Shakti and also the representation of the essential feminine qualities.
Dharma Chakra – has origins tracing back to Vedas and Buddhism.

Author is critical about FUKUS system which we have been following despite the fact that the rules we followed earlier were of highest order. We, The Bharat were much prosperous and were contributing almost 1/4th of the World GDP which could not be conquered even by the Great Alexander. We should feel proud about our ancestry since we were most civilized for more than 1200 years when the other races were barbaric. You should make a note there that author is not a racist but was trying to put forth his point.

Author cites various references from revered scholars including Plutarch, Megesthenes, Arrian, Fa-Hien to name a few.

Arya is not a race by birth. Arya Dharma was followed by the then Indus Valley Civilization which is now in Pakistan, Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan, Combodians etc.,

Arya Dharma is an embodiment of Sanathan Dharma, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Marthoma, Sufism and religion of the tribals. The Worship of nature is the true and pure form of the highest embodiment – Brahman.

The book is not about Hindu or Hinduism alone but it also about other religion. Most importantly, it is devoid of people who have manipulated it for their own benefits/welfare. Hence you can safely say that this is not biased towards any one particular religion.

It is this Arya Dharma which has made Lord Ram to banish his pregnant wife as he was criticized by a dhobi. It is to be noted here than an ordinary citizen could criticize a Supreme ruler. Ram Rajya meant the rule of Dharma of which Lord Ram was the best and supreme embodiment. Dharma is beyond Religion.

These were just some of the interesting anecdotes I found in this book. I liked the writing style of the author since he did not beat around the bush.

Do you know that the Chinese philosophy is very much similar to ours? It has the same ideal of the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means “The World Is One Family”. This is not just found on one of the scriptures of Sanathan Dharma but also in Upanishads, Panchatantra, Hitopadesa etc.,

Author expressed his emotional feeling (read Sadness) that the best source of ancient Bharat in English are not in Bharat but in the good universities and libraries in USA,UK, Russia and Germany.

The Caste system that existed during the Vedic era was mostly misunderstood/misconstrued. By trying to decode this, author has done an excellent job. As a subject of this great Nation, I feel really proud. Do not miss to read about Varnasharma Dharma.

Birth does not determine the caste but their action. This is how Valmiki, who was once a robber, became a Maha-Rishi. Vishwamitra who was a Kshatriya by birth became one of the Saptarishi.

The interpretation of Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa needs a special mention. It wasn’t a surprise to me when I read that many monks and other spiritual people skipped Grihastha and Vanaprastha to directly jump to Brahmacharya and Sanyasa.

The author has given good ideas on how to reform our existing flawed democracy and capitalism systems based on his research on ancient democracy in Bharat.

He has also proposed an alternate and in his opinion a more sustainable model of growth and prosperity that is suitable to all beings in this world and also complements nature.

Well, I can keep writing about the book all through the day because the wisdom it offers is immeasurable and what I have written in my review is not even 5% of what the book has to offer. If this is followed strictly, I am sure there will not be any difference between the people which is the basis of all the conflicts. Don’t we all want to see a peaceful world which follows the Supreme Principle which was very much followed in our nation earlier but time and tide coupled with petty politics has slowly made this to vanish from our system?

This book is available on Amazon.

Book Review - My Ramyeon Girl

Title - My Ramyeon Girl
Author - Nethra A
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Fablery

A beautiful story which has touched upon the subject of racism which is still prevalent in various parts of the world. I was not even aware about this until I read this book and was deeply shocked to find out that it was true. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the author who has touched this subject and penned a story revolving around this.

I was struggling initially to cope up with the Korean names. Thankfully, I started remembering it as and when I proceeded with the story. The reason was simple. One of the protagonist is a Korean.  He is none other than Lee Jung-Su who was also known as "Crown Prince" in the entertainment industry there. He meets another protagonist - Meena from India who was there for various assignments. Not much was known about her until she opens up to Jung-Su. The meet happens in an unusual place and in an unusual way. The place was called Insadong-Gil, a Rameyon Shop. By looking at the cover picture, you would have understood as to what this shop is all about.

There were other characters like 

Min-Sik, Manager,
Min-Ji, Sister
Dae-Ho, Hyun-Ki, In-Su - Friends
Kang - Writer
Yoon-Chul, Jeremy among others.

All was well with Jung-Su until he realizes that he was in love with Meena. What happens after that is something which needs to be read and felt. This is a gripping novel which needs all our attention and support. The creativity of the author is definitely worth the mention.

So, you could very well see that this is not the usual story but a story with a message. When will this be curbed/curtailed entirely? GOD only knows the answer.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.

Author Focus - Ayushi Raghuvanshi of Dazzled by Illusion series

  1. What motivates you to write?
To be honest, I express myself easily when I write. Had it not been for writing, I wouldn't have been able to convey anything right. Moreover when people read my poems, they come forward expressing how I've actually put their emotions into words. That serves to be the biggest motivation.

  1. How did you feel after publishing your books?
I just hoped that after putting up my work in the public domain I would be able to reach more people and that's something I really wanted.

  1. What are some of your favourite novels and authors?
There is no comparison to be honest, but speaking of my favourite one, I would like to mention one name, Khaled Hosseini. His novels encapsulate pain to which I easily connect.

  1. Is there any specific reason for naming your novel?
I named my first book, "Dazzled by Illusion" as I felt how everything in this world is an illusion and how we as humans are dazzled by it. Like the book is a collection of poems which expresses different heartfelt emotions and these emotions too are a part of that illusion.

  1. Where do you write from? Do you go to some specific place, like beachside or the hills?
I do not have any specific place where I go. I just need my space when I'm writing, it just has to be peaceful. Most of the times I write at dusk, sometimes while watching the sun set.

  1. What inspired you to write the books(in general)? Any tales to tell…

Maybe that's the best way to leave my imprints in the sands of time. Even in my absence, there will be a part of me still alive. As they rightly say that a book is the heart and soul of the author.

  1. What was your biggest learning experience throughout the writing process?

The writing process has been so beautiful. It has just become a part of me now. I've learnt to connect with myself and express myself better.

  1.  Looking back, what did you do right that helped you break in as a writer?

I did not give in to the cliche ideas that surrounded me, I was always criticized for not being a very social and expressive person. I believed we all are different and so I continued being how I was naturally and that eventually channelized my energy into writing.

  1. Any best piece of writing advice that you would like to share with new or struggling writers?

I am myself a new and struggling writer but yes I have an advice for all those who are out there, just believe in your work.

  1. Something personal about you people may be surprised to know?

There's something that would surprise everyone I suppose, that I haven't been a very good reader when it comes to poems. Apart from the poems we read at school, I have not read any and both of my books are a collection of poems.

  1. Any future books that you would like to discuss now?

I don't have any specific plans as of now. But yes writing would definitely continue and so there would be a new book.

  1. What other profession excites you the most?

The legal profession is what excites me and that is what I will soon be entering into. As for now I am a law student and soon to graduate.

  1. Any special mention about your reader (be it with reviews/feedback or anything else)

Yes, I can never forget one thing about a reader which is that she loved every piece of my writing and when I asked her why, she gave a very beautiful answer. She told me that some of my poems made her smile, some made her laugh, some brought tears to her eyes and others made her learn something and that is how she loved each and every piece of my writing.

  1. Traditional or Self-Publishing? Why?

I have both of my books self published and from my experience it gives the freedom to decide every little detail of the book. It's like you nurture every bit of your creation. Though it takes a lot more efforts as compared to traditional publishing but yet it is something you would prefer if you want a wholly personal touch to your work.

  1. How is the response so far for the book?

For those who have read my book so far are really touched by my writings and that is the greatest achievement for my book.

Book Review - Dazzled By Illusion

Title - Dazzled by Illusion
Author - Ayushi Raghuvanshi
Genre - Poems(Literature)
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

This is a collection of 60 odd poems by the poetess Ayushi. This book is really worth the price, it is being sold at because it is costing less than a rupee to read these amazing set. Having read her 2nd book already, I immediately grabbed this first book without giving a thought. I loved the variation that was shown in various poems. It is a mixed emotion and hence it would connect well with the readers since they would have gone through few of them for sure, if not all.

The writing style was lucid and yes, I was amazed by the rational thinking of the author who has let out her emotions in such a way that you feel like being there. Usage of some of the words might require you to refer to a dictionary but yes, it is an added advantage for the book because it gives you sometime to recollect what you read while referring to the actual meaning of the word.

I liked all the poems but these two captured my attention, instantly. I am reproducing them here which gives you a glimpse of the writing skills of Ayushi.


That is always close to my heart
Meeting at low-key places for a good start
Taking walks at night praising nature's art
I always like keeping it a low-key sweetheart

Another Chance?

Well it's good to get swept away by feelings
And hang on to the slumber party dreaming
Wishing I would have met you in a world
parallel to the one we are living
And answered the call for the fondness I
had been harboring
You were like the one I have been wanting
And yet I had to let go as accepting you was

Aren't these poems amazing? I am doubly sure that if you like poems, you certainly do not want to miss this book.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.

Book Review - Gray Pages (Dazzled by Illusion Book 2)

Title -Gray Pages(Dazzled by Illusion Book 2)
Author - Ayushi Raghuvanshi
Genre - Poems(Literature & Fiction)
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

A perfect combination of emotions coupled with heart touching words is what makes this book, a real special one. Usually poets are emotional in their lives. They could see some message or the other with each and every thing happening around them. They express it in words which is not only powerful but also appealing. This is what Ayushi had done with her collection of poems.

The book is divided into 6 parts namely:

1. Dark
2. Reminisce
3. Secrets
4. Hope
5. Love and
6. Friend

Each of these carries few poems. You would find a total of 38 poems. Considering the price, I would say, it is definitely worth it because you are paying little over 1 Rupee for the beautiful lines/creations which would leave an everlasting effect on your life.

If you are  poet, you surely wouldn't want to miss it. If you love reading books, this is perfect for you. If you read books and seek different genre(like poetry), this would surely appeal to you. I liked the way the author has brought out the emotions which were free flowing and I could surely say that these were not thought and written but should have come on a flow, without any obstacles.

I do not want to talk in detail about the poems but would like to highlight just one line from the poem "Stay Up Tonight" where you will find these words - "I just let my pen bleed". I was totally moved by it. 

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.

Book Review - Love In The Time Of Quarantine

Title - Love In The Time Of Quarantine
Author - Siddhartha Gigoo
Genre - Fiction(Short Stories)
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

This is a great attempt by the author. I finished reading it in no time not because it was short but because the content was gripping. The uniqueness in the approach and the way the novel had taken shape is really applaudable. The comparison of mindset during the Day & Night was really unique and the detailed explanation once in every 2 chapters makes it a compelling read. Do not miss reading it.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.

Book Review - World's Best Husband: How he made it happily ever after...

Title - World's Best Husband : How he made it happily ever after
Author - Nandita Saini
Genre - Anthology / Family & Relationships
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

A book which aptly describes what needs to be done in order to forge a strong and everlasting marital relationship. I felt really glad to read this book because though this is an anthology, the scenario must have taken place in few hundreds of lives. I too saw some resemblance in the story since I am married for 11 years. 

There are lot of things that goes into the making of everlasting relationship. These were vividly described in the book in the form of a story. This would serve as a guide for the newly wed couples and especially the bride who is facing difficulties in coping up with her in-laws because not all the husband would be like Advik.

The story revolves around two main characters - Nandini and Advik. Though they were not genuinely interested in getting hitched due to their age - 22 & 24 respectively, as soon as they meet each other, things take a different turn. How this meet turns into a friendship and subsequently into love was described in a best possible manner. 

The essence of various scenarios that goes into a typical Indian marriage was captured perfectly. The relationship between a bride and her in-laws and how things could be misconstrued and how these can be converted in a positive way was explained in detail - of course in the form of  a story. If you are already married or in the process of getting married, I would highly recommend this book. Buy the book from the link given below. Read it. You will thank me later.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.

Audible is the new companion - for book worms / book lovers

Pic Credit : Amazon

If you are a book lover or call yourself as a book worm, you definitely would have bought books from Amazon. Some may prefer physical books(I am no exception), some would to love to read eBooks. For this, you may need to have a Kindle or the Kindle Reader app on your smart phone. Some may prefer to read it otherwise. 

I am sure, you are trying to decipher what I wanted to convey. Yes. Some may prefer to read the book in an audio format. Amazon which is ruling the roost in both physical and eBook category has also entered this space long back. They have this feature called Audible. Most of you might have noticed it. Many of you are even aware of it and some of you might be using it as well. You might ask, why Audible?

There are few reasons/benefits of using this:

1. If you are a traveler and travel long distance by road, this is a perfect companion since you just need to plug into your phone and listen. How cool is that?
2. The audio books are available in English and Hindi.
3. The audio books covers wider range of genre which includes Arts & Entertainment, Biographies and Memoirs, Comedy, Science Fiction, Self-development, etc.
4. They have some best collection of books. For eg: ‘Thriller Factory’ narrated by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, ‘Becoming’ narrated by Michelle Obama ‘Yes sir, it’s Cancer’ narrated by Ayushmann Khurrana.

When you get to hear the stories narrated by your favorite author, won't it sound nice? They would be able to connect with you much easier as their annotations would perfectly fit the book they narrate since they are the ones who has written it.

There are quite a lot of benefits that comes with the Audible. This includes:

a. If you are a regular user, you get a 30-days free trial period. If you are a Prime user, you get 90-days free trial period. Post this, there is a charge of Rs.199 only for 30 days renewable on monthly basis. If you ask what benefits do you get paying this, continue reading the next few pointers.

b. You get your first audio-book or FREE!

c. You get lifetime access to the audio books and is also available offline.

d. With 1 credit a month, you can purchase any audio-book of your choice, irrespective of its price.

e. You would also get over 350 mins of handpicked listens for free, in addition to the monthly credit.

f. If you are not happy with the book you have purchased, you can swap it for free.

g. It doesn't end here. As a member, you would also get 30% off on any additional audio-books.

Now, what are you waiting for? Click this link and get your Audible, today!!
Call for Code to combat Covid-19

Call for Code to combat Covid-19

IBM has been a pioneer on various segments be it Cloud, IOT or AI. What it has done through these sectors to the mankind is invaluable. When it comes to addressing the need of the pubic or combating some issues, their “Call for Code” has always played a vital role. The campaign has seen over 8000+ applications being created over the past 2 years. What is even more staggering is, these have come from 165+ nations with a staggering 210,000 developers, data scientists and problem solvers taking part in it.

This edition calls for some urgent submissions as the campaign also focuses on combating #COVID19. The main ideology is how we could help contain the spread of this deadly virus which the world has not witnessed it in little over two decades. The fatality is huge with European countries leading the list followed closely by the US. This pandemic has brought the world to a still. Most of the countries across the globe have announced a complete shutdown which has taken a major toll in the economy. Unless something is done on priority, coming out of this would be a cumbersome task.

This outbreak has shown how we were caught unaware when it comes to handling a situation like this which needs mass co-operation which we were lacking, despite the presence of latest technology and science which we believed till date, has shrunk the world.

Where did we go wrong?

We failed miserably in communication. Yes. You read it right. When I say communication, it is not only about spreading the information but an authentic one. Though the outbreak is believed to have started in January, most of the nation were not aware until the end of Feb or beginning of March an by the time they realized the situation, it was already late.

So, we failed there in the first instance.

What we were lacking apart from the one mentioned above?

It is quite evident that the supply chain was badly affected. This could have been set right if there was a proper communication system. For instance, in India, if the information comes from the Central Government, it has to effectively reach until the far end. I am not saying that the information is not reaching. It does reach but not as it is. It gets misinterpreted at times and by the time it reaches the far end, some of the information received wasn’t the right one. This has to be addressed and has to be done in priority. If there was a proper communication system in place, the supply chain would not have taken a hit. It means that public would not have to venture out to procure their essential items like fruits, groceries and vegetables. All they need to do is to login to an application. Place the order and wait for them to arrive at their door stop.

I do not deny that there are some systems in place but how effective are these? Moreover do we see the same setup across all the State in India? No. If this could be addressed, where there is just 1 application across India, how convenient would that be? When there is just 1 system, there is no chaos or confusion. Execution of work would be much easier.

My dream is to see all in one place – especially when it comes to communication.

1.       Official Announcements – this would combat fake news/forwards.

2.       Connectivity to local Kirana stores and other shops.

3.       Notification of #COVID19 affected areas – Coloring scheme can be followed so that these areas could be avoided.

4.       PDS through app – split according to ward/area. This would avoid social gathering all at once and ensure social distancing since those who re with valid ration cards would be given a specific date/time to collect their provisions and Government aid/giveaways.

5.       eSelling – produce by farmers to be sold direct to public or to the Government or both.

6.       eConsulting – to be used by Physicians to check for possible infection of #COVID19. This could avoid venturing out and spending for test unnecessarily.

7.       ePrayer – to be offered by the respective Spiritual Heads belonging to various religion.

The above mentioned are some which could be incorporated in the application which would become handy and one stop shop for all the needs especially when it comes to combating pandemic situation like this. More features could be added as and when it is required.

How to take part in the campaign by IBM?

There are four steps that are involved in this process:

1.       Accept the Challenge
2.       Find Your Squad
3.       Build with Open Tech
4.       Submit Your Idea.

How easy is that?

If you wanted to more about this exciting campaign where you also get a chance to win a whopping USD200,000 apart from Open Source support from The Linux Foundation, Meetings with mentors & potential investors, Solution implementation support through Code and Response™


The campaign has opened and is accepting submissions. The initial submission deadline is 27th of April. With lock down in place, there is no better time to get your team come together to take part in this amazing campaign( most of you would be Working From Home but I am sure that you could still take some time out, get on to Video Call and get this up and running). You need not have to submit the entire project by 27th April but the prototype and you can improvise it post the timeline. The final submission deadline is 31st July, 2020. Winners will be announced by October, 2020.

Important links:

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3.     Find reference materials and technical resources on the COVID-19 pandemic here.
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