Book Review - I Am in Love With a Shudh Desi Firangi

Title - I Am in Love With a Shudh Desi Firangi
Author - Dipnanda Bhaduri Roy
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Raindrops Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-88259-51-4

Not all the love stories are the same. Each one has its own appeal. Love is universal and we have seen innumerable stories and movies being made, day in and day out. Sometimes, you may feel bored when you come across a story which is repetitive. This phenomenon is not applicable when it comes to a Love story. This is what has happened in this beautiful book as well.

Firstly, I was impressed with the cover page which is unique and eye-catchy. It is this which evoked interest in me, instantly. I started reading the book as soon as I received the book and immediately fell in love with the book.

What is so special about this book?

This is a love story.
Though this is a love story, this isn't the usual one which you would have come across.
The approach is unique.
The characterization was marvelous.

Though there were no surprises or unexpected twists an turns,the story makes it compelling. It was written so beautifully that you would hardly feel about having spent some time in finished reading it. The story can be explained in just two lines an hence I am not going into it. The way the story flowed from the beginning till the end is like a breeze. Honestly speaking, it was almost like a poetry. I had not come across such a beautiful love story in my recent days.

There was love.
There was an urge.
There was lust but not for physical intimacy.
There was disappointment.

Finally, there was an happy ending.

Read this book today to find out what the protagonist Kattyayini has to go through in order to find her true love in the form of Rudra - who is actually a Firang named Rodney.
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Thank you so much for reviewing my book and providing a positive feedback.