Restaurant Review - Mathsya

Yesterday, I along with my friends Karthik Murali & Shrinidhi Hande visited Mathsya Restaurant, Adyar for dinner.
This is a pure veg restaurant. Being a pure veg myself(only in Saturday), I couldn’t have asked for a better restaurant. This brand hails from Udupi, Karnataka and is known for their delicacies like bisi-bele bath, neer dosa, kadubu & Guliappa to name a few.
We started with a welcome drink - rose milk. Post that we moved on to Tomato soup. My friends felt it was too sweet. For me, it was ok.

Then we ordered a dish made of corn. It was crispy and spicy. Liked the taste very much. Then it was Lotus Stem soaked in Chilli & Lemon. It tasted unique.

Then we ordered Neer Dosa. You shouldn’t miss it if you’re looking for Udupi delicacies apart from bisibeke bath, guliappa & kadubu. Kadubu is usually served in jack fruit leaf but since the leaf is a rarity and it takes time to prepare, we got it in a normal way. So, don’t be disappointed, if you were expecting that style. The taste is intact.

The highlight was the Rocket Masala Dosa. It is a 4 feet Dosa which could easily satisfy the hunger of 4 people. It comes with lot of coconut & mint Chutney, Sambar, potato masala.
We ended our dinner with a sweet lime juice. Shrinidhi alone ordered butter milk.
Highly recommended. Be early because it is jam packed. You may have to wait in the queue before you get your turn but it is worth your time and money.