Rangbaaz Phirse - Season 2 on ZEE5

When you get to see the originals based on some real-life incidents, you would certainly be intrigued. This concept has no bounds or boundaries. For instance, an original became an instant hit when it was released on the platform in Tamil Nadu because it connected with the leader, they revered the most. Similarly, when you take up something intriguing which has been the talk of the town, it would invariably get noticed by the viewers.

The first season of Rangbaaz was a super-hit as it was based in Uttar Pradesh whereas the second season is based out of Rajasthan. When I started watching the original, it gave me the same feeling of watching this movie “Gangs of Wasseypur”. I am a keen follower of news especially the ones that are happening in my City, State and in the Country. Hence when I came to know that the second season would be based on the life of Anand Pal Singh, I wanted to find out as to what exactly had happened in his life before it came to an abruptly ended in the name of encounter.

We have seen in many movies ourselves as to what leads to an encounter or how is it staged. This piqued my interest instantly and I started watching it. Trust me, every episode is a GEM in its own way. Each character portrayed in this original had done complete justification. One must note here that the original names were not used due to various implications, but the makers have tried to make this as much interesting and real.

A thriller would always keep us on the edge of the seat. This is what happens with this season as well. When you get to see a different story altogether, this would certainly encourage a quality viewer because in the first place, it is not repetitive and hence there is no question of boredom. Moreover, the star-cast certainly adds more weight to the story. Since the first season has been a tremendous success, I am sure that Rangbaaz Phirse would be even grander and thrilling than ever before.

Remember, the producers of Season 2 are the same as Season 1. So, they know the pulse of the public and would give their best in order to keep us entertained until the end.

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The promo looks intriguing. I am sure, the season once it is aired, would keep the viewers like us wait impatiently for the subsequent episodes.