Style Up with Visag & Thapi - Unisex Salon and Spa

Today, I visited Visag & Thapi Salon & Spa on Harrington Road. I opined it would just be another usual spa & salon but I was proven incorrect.
What are their specialties?
Salon & Spa services


Facilities available:
1) Hair Styling
2) Hair Dressing
3) Hair Colouring
4) Shaving
5) Trimming
6) Spa services

They have set up the rooms with perfect dim lights coupled with mild music in the background.
Apart from that, thy have a separate room where you can keep your belongings locked in a safe before changing yourself.
Once the massage is done, you would be directed to the wash room which also has the steam bath facility. Once you’re done with the steam bath, you can take the regular bath - hot/cold water facility available with body wash & shampoo along with shower cap.
I felt like I was inside a 5-Star rated hotel wherein I was pampered by some extremely talented hair stylist & masseurs. If you wanted to know where they derive all these talents from, you need to visit them. I’m sure you would feel great.
Here is the snippet of a service I had received from them:

For detailed information about their services, do visit their website by clicking here