Book Review – Cross Connection

Title – Cross Connection
Author – Preety Praveen
Genre – Romance
Publisher – Blue Rose Publishers

When I picked up this book on Kindle, I thought it as a general fiction. But after reading more than half the book, I got convinced that it’s a romance cum love story. However, its title and the cover page tells a story awaiting inside of cross cultures, which implies people belonging to all together different parts of lives and the world.

The story starts with Simar, a beautiful teenage girl from Patiala. She and her family members are excited to send her to any medical college in India so that she can be a doctor. This gave me hunch that even today in India parents take part in deciding the future for children. All the more, in North India, becoming a doctor means a settled life and good source of income. She is obsessed about a career in the medical field, like surgeon and MBBS and all.

She is transported to Salem, in Tamil Nadu. Through some hacks, she gets admission there, but not in BUMS or MBBS, but in BDS (bachelor of dental science). Simar’s college life kicks off with some ups and downs. Her other home friends such as Roop, Inder, and Harjeet play spoilsport for her. She is shocked further to see the otherwise college politics in her such short life. She is finally rescued by Ridhi, her hostel’s roommate.

Now, the girl is settled there. The author then describes a gamut of activities that are prevalent across India such as ragging, teasing, fooling, pranks and much more. The college time seems like a good part in the novel, and I was taken aback as some of the events were related to my life when I was into hostel for pursuing engineering.
The action is light and does not offend anyone; however, it’s as fast as any Tollywood movies, for instance Allu Arjun’s movies based on college. The author introduced Naveen quite early but keeps him in the shadow. His character is mainly seen as a rowdy boy with some financial and family problems. The ego clashes between Naveen and Simar spread wide in the college. They hate each other, play against each other, whatever they do, but in the end an invisible string of love pulls them together.

The love story is depicted simple with some nightly adventures. I am happy that there are no bold or so open intimacy scenes in the book. It’s quite a clear read.

The crux of the novel is the cultural and religious difference between Simar and Naveen. The former is from a Punjabi family, from North India; the latter is a normal Keralite – from South India. Is the match feasible for their parents and communities? Their love story reaches to wider geo regions. What will happen when Naveen face Simar’s parents? The love story does not stop at college – there is some serious angle attached to it. The couple also faces the pain of separation for various social reasons. But are they destined for a wonderful togetherness? There are twists and turns! To know their fate and their love affair in detail, I think you should pick up this book quite soon.

From the entertainment point, I enjoyed reading it much better than other romance writers. However, at some places, I felt the college fun phase was overdone. Romance thriller lovers will definitely have a good time with this short novel. Preety Praveen as a romance writer shines throughout the book, and I strongly felt that some of the events have been spiraled out of her life, may be from the college time.

This book is available on Amazon and other leading online stores.