Book Review – Shades of Pink

Title – Shades of Pink
Author – Ketan Modha
Genre – Romance
Publisher – Kindle

I have been reading romance novels so often. But this time Shades of Pink by Ketan Modha was a different experience altogether. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s about Maya, the lead character. The story is about her college days, her love story with an English Cricketer, her misfortune, about her daughter Ria, her father Vishnu and his orthodox ideologies.

Broadly putting, Maya gets into Microbiology reluctantly because her father thinks that Microbiology is going to evolve in future. The author has not covered much about this career choice, but soon the love affair of Maya with an English cricketer Paul takes precedence over other things. Why and how did Maya get in touch with a cricketer and how they came to the terms to accept their affair? For that I better recommend you to read the novel on Kindle, it’s a short one.

The story is focused more on love and match-making probability in the Indian society. Maya’s father Vishnu, a professor, holds very orthodox views about the western society. Thus, when Paul comes to ask about Maya’s hand for marriage, he gets blunt No. it turned the novel in other direction. After this shock of life, Maya almost turns vapid and accepts whatsoever her fate throws at her. She is no more that excited as she used to be when in college. I heart goes to Maya. Her tragedies in life due to the societal pattern were not justified. She was a deserving one. But life spins you around when you seem to have everything?

There is a lot to talk about Maya but it is incomplete without Ria, her daughter. I was amazed to see Ria finding Maya’s lost love after 30 odd years in the UK, where she is supposed to focus on studies. The novel is about two ladies, Maya and her daughter Ria. However, other important characters like Mira, Paul, Vishnu, and Ajay are some common characters that connect all the dots in the story. Ria taking the lead goes ahead to find Paul for Maya. Will she be able to locate Paul from the UK? Is he also living in the UK or died years ago? These are some questions that create an element of suspense in the novel. You must pick it up to know the complete story. I promise it is a good one.

The very best thing about the novel is its timeline. It stretches up to 30 years and in between the author heralded all the events that gripped India politically, socially, and economically. I liked how the pace of the novel builds up. The Maya part was simply amazing, however, Ria part was a bit hurried up. There were no glaring grammar errors. The narrative was good and easy to understand. I enjoyed reading it at night, at my leisure time. This is an incredibly good book for serious romance lovers.

This book is available on Amazon and other leading online stores.