Book Review – Seeking Greens: The Lost Trident by Mishthi Arun

Title – Seeking Greens: The Lost Trident
Author – Mishthi Arun
Genre – Historical Fiction
Publisher – Notion Press

In my opinion historical fictions are great books to enjoy the time and eras that we read in the books or see in the movies. Seeking Greens: The Lost Trident is a double-titled novel by Mishthi Arun. It’s a historical fiction, spanning between two famous civilizations of the world – Indus Valley Civilization and Mesopotamia. Since the timing in the novel is of before Christ BC, it’s exciting to read the story and know the peculiarities and taboos and ethos of that time.

The story is long in terms of visualization and significance. However, the novel just stands up to 150 pages. One civilization Indus Valley is about the curse and suffering. On the other hand the second civilization Mesopotamia is about settled life and trade and some deceptions. As a reader, after reaching some chapters, I was able to dissect the story in two parts. Lost and finding. Because of some curse Indus Valley is on the verge of famine. People are worried and thinking of leaving the land forever in search of better life prospects. However, to save the Indus Valley from being turning into brown, a combination is needed that can bring back the Shiva’s trident and glory. What’s that combination – an interesting back story awaits?

Shivendu, Abhinivesh, and Aagneya are the men who set on the sea journey in search of the lost trident. Next, the unknown dangers they face in the sea and on an island. Somehow their intelligence work and they manage to come about a different tale of the Ur and Zagros kingdoms. The novel turns upside down here onwards.

A different kind of land and beliefs accost the three men and the readers. The kingdoms of Ur and Zagros, once were friends, now are in the hostile conditions because of the King Zaqar’s greed and lust for the princess Ninshubar, who is supposed to marry the prince Nintur. Mesopotamia civilization also faces a curse but it’s a different one, not like that of famine. These three men understand everything when they meet an old blind lady. But from here, turning things in their favour not only seems difficult but also life threatening. So how they will chug ahead and plan and strategize everything, is rest of the narration. The vividness in writing is quite evident from the types of civilizations covered in the novel.

There is so much to grasp from the story and I was awed by the pace and narration of the novel. Fast-paced, yet credible! Amazing beliefs like pigeons returning to the boat means there is no land in the sight and much more. I was fascinated by the change of vocabulary, for instance Ziana in Mesopotamia and trident in the Indus Valley. A lot of meanings have been given for names – that is something fascinating to grab –also a USP of the book.

The writing quality is good and there aren’t any plausible grammar gaps. I think the author dwelled on the fact that being simple is best. For history lovers the novel is a must read, otherwise a brilliant tale to be savoured by all sorts of readers.

This book is available on Amazon and other leading online stores.