Book Review - We Are The Champions

Title - We Are The Champions
Authors - Rashmi Bansal & Devendra Tak
Genre - Non Fiction
Publisher - Bushfire Publishers
ISBN - 978-81-931821-3-0

Rashmi Bansal needs no introduction. She is one of the leading authors of India whose books have sold more than 1.2 million copies. Her books were always inspiring and appealing. When I saw this title, I was deeply intrigued because I have read lot of book which talked about invention and innovation, achievements etc., but I felt this was something different. Yes,the book talks in detail about the achievements of the kids from across India, not just 1 but by 15 different kids.

Devendra Tak is the co-author of this book. I do not think there would have been any other person who could have done a proper justification to the title and the content. Together, they both have produced the inspiring and appealing true contents of these amazing kids who have fought their own battle to emerge as achievers in their own accord. I would not term them as winners because for winning, the boundaries are defined but for achieving something, they need to go beyond those boundaries which is what they did.

There might be hundreds and thousands of such inspiring stories across India and it is next to impossible to capture them all in the book. The kids who got featured in the book have done something against the odds and became a true champions of change. I will not be mentioning as to what they did since it is up to the reader to purchase the book and find out and cherish.

The writing style was lucid. Though they have struggled for years, each and every story was produced in a crispy way along with few pictures(both color and black and white) which makes it appealing. Even before you could realize that you have started reading an inspiring story, it comes to an end which shows how interesting the content is.

The book is divided into three sections:

a. Ladenge - We Will Fight
b. Padhenge - We Will Learn
c. Badhenge - We Will Grow

True to the sections, the stories were aggregated accordingly. 

These kids fought social evils like Dowry, Child Marriage, Gender Discrimination, Drug Peddling, Child Employment among others and have shown a considerable change in their own surroundings/society. It definitely needs great guts to do what they did and I must thank the authors for having brought them to the limelight which would go a long way in inspiring the like-minded kids at large from across the nation.

This book is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats and also on all leading stores, online and offline.