Book Review - Happimess

There is a generally accepted notion that it is easy to make someone cry but literally difficult to make them laugh. This is one of the main reason as to why comedians are celebrated all over the world. Having said that, it is time to register my personal review herewith for one of the most hilarious book that I have come across in the recent days.

The book "Happimess" is a collection of 12 GEMS. The reason why I had referred to these short stories as GEMS is for the fact that the book has made me feel light when I finished reading it. Yes. I was under utter stress prior to start reading it due to some personal issues but this book has literally made me to forget all of them, in one shot.

What I have liked the most about the book is the variation shown in each story. There was a sarcasm in each and every one but the way they have been used or put forth to the readers was done in such a way that by the time you realize the real intention of it, the story would have got over.

Author has drawn inspiration from day to day events and the things that were used in our daily life. The first story is about the iron box. How it tortures him was written in such a hilarious way. There was a mention about Ayurveda where the author has put it in a subtle way as to how it takes real long to cure. He has compared this with the day to day life where the diet restriction would precipitate divorce and force you into celibacy. One must understand that the real intention here is pure fun and not to hurt the sentiments of any.

There is a story about Insurance Agents and how they hound their prospective clients.There was a story on Hagglers, Self Respect, Risk Aversion(which I liked the most since I could relate this with the way the family members of a reputed jewelry brand travel), Inflicting insult without an injury, OCD, Neighbors and other stories.

If you want to feel light or get rid of tension or wanted a change from the routine love/romance/thriller/horror/crime story, I would certainly recommend reading this book.

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