Book Review - 7 Sutras Of Innovation

Title - 7 Sutras Of Innovation
Author - Nikhil Inamdar with Marico Innovation Foundation
Foreword - Harsh Mariwala
Genre - Business
Publisher - Jaico Publishing House
ISBN - 978-93-89305-25-8

What makes or breaks a business?
What makes a business successful?
Who are the ones who strive the tides and emerge as winners?
What makes business click or break?
What are the qualities of a successful business?

We might have gone through some of the scenarios or attributes concerning above in various books. Have you ever come across the "Innovation" part of it at all? Even if you did, it would have been a rarity. Agree?

Gone are the days when Invention was given priority over Innovation. It is the Innovation which is ruling the roost these days. Can innovation alone make a business successful?

These questions are very well answered in this brilliant book which I am sure would go on to become a best seller and serve as the guide for those who wanted to take their business to the next level. Innovation is something which needs to come from within since no B-School could ever teach you that. It is how you perceive the environment, find the gaps and address them in a way different than others. It is this innovation which saw the emergence of few unicorns in India over a past decade and even across the World. In the book, we are focusing only about the Indian companies since Marico Innnovation Foundation(MIF) is mainly looking at helping the companies set up in India to innovate and flourish.

The book talks about the scaling up of journeys of inspiring innovations across business, social and government institutions. These are the organisations that have been recognized at Innovation  for India Awards - one of India's first and most prestigious platforms for showcasing innovations, anchored by Marico Innovation Foundation. Considering the fact that the award is given only once in every 2 years and they are selected from among few hundreds of applications holds as a testimonial as to how coveted the awards platform is.

The book covers the stories of :

1. Tonbo Imaging
2. Goonj
3. Rivigo
5. Forus Health
6. Agastya International Foundation
7. The Better India &
8. St.Judes

You might have already heard about a few, if not all. They stand as pioneers in their respective field especially when it comes to innovation - be it in Imaging, Donation(NGO), Transport, Space Research, Health(Eye Care, Cancer), Education, News etc.,

Through this book, the author Nikhil Inamdar talks about the 7-Sutras of Innovation as to what were implemented from these by the above mentioned organisation. The 7-Sutras being:

1. Gap in the Market, Market in the Gap
2. Flexible Approach
3. Customer Centricity
4. Capital Consciousness
5. Hiring Passion over Pedigree
6. Culture of Innovation
7.  Amplification of Vision

Each chapter covers in great detail as to what which sutras did the innovators use to achieve scale for their ventures. Not all were followed by all innovators, but a combination of a few that led them emerge as game changers.

Read the book and get empowered as it would surely help you in igniting the spark inside you...

This book is available on Amazon and on all leading online and offline stores.