Road Trip from Bangalore to Thekkady

If you like going on road trips, there’s one you should consider! It’s a road trip from the city of Bangalore to Thekkady. Bangalore, capital of Karnataka, is a hub for software engineers, a city known for its never-ending traffic jams and breezy weather. On the other hand, Thekkady is a place situated in the district of Idukki in the state of Kerala. It is renowned for its lush green landscape that will make you feel close to nature, calm waters of the lake and scenic beauty. These are three things from a list of endless things that define the beautiful place Thekkady. Not only that, but Thekkady is also known for the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Thekkady shares its borders with two states, namely Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is known for attracting tourists from all over India and different parts of the world due to its exotic flora and fauna. If you love relishing different kinds of food and pleasing your taste buds, Thekkady will not disappoint you in any manner. You will find eating joints situated in every corner of this place. You can enjoy some special dishes at minimal costs. Not to forget about one of the major attractions of this place that is the spice garden. You can visit it in the afternoon hours, take a stroll and learn about different spices that are grown in South India. For the meantime you can find your stay at resorts in thekkady if you are planning for a trip longer than a day.

Road trips from Bangalore to Thekkady can be planned at any time of the year. But most of the tourists prefer visiting Thekkady anytime from April to September. It’s because of the weather that makes the entire trip a lot more enjoyable. If you wish to take a close look at different animals in the wildlife, March and April would be the most appropriate time to visit Thekkady.

Wondering how to reach Thekkady? You can reach Thekkady via three routes that are mentioned below. They are:

       By Air: You can land at Madurai Airport to reach Thekkady. This airport is one hundred thirty-six kilometres away from the place. Many cities of India and abroad stop at Madurai Airport. Apart from this airport, another airport offering this facility is the Cochin International Airport. It is one hundred ninety-eight kilometres away from the destination.
       By Train: If you do not want to catch a flight, you can travel by train. You can get down at Kottayam railway station which is nearest to the town of Kumily. This station is one hundred fourteen kilometres away from the destination. This railway station has good connectivity with almost all the major cities of the state and country. You can also catch a direct train from Chennai, Bangalore, etc.
       By Road- Going by road can be the most convenient choice. You can travel by bus. You can avail the bus services offered by the state of Karnataka and state of Kerala.

If you are going by car or motorcycle, you can follow any of the following three routes to reach Thekkady. The three routes are mentioned as follows:

Route 1: Bengaluru - Kanakapura – Malavali - T. Narasipura – Chamrajnagar – Hasanur – Kangayam – Dindigul – Theni - Thekkady, via NH 209

Route 2: Bengaluru – Kanakapura – Malavali – Kollegal - Bhavani - Kangayam- Dindigul- Theni- Thekkady, via NH 183

Route 3: Bengaluru – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Dharamapuri – Salem – Dindigul – Theni – Thekkady, via NH 44 and NH 183

If you follow Route 1, you will reach Thekkady in 11 hours. If you follow Route 2, you will reach Thekkady in approximately 12 hours. If you follow through Route 3, you will reach Thekkady in 8.5 hours.

It will be best if you follow Route 3 as it’s the shortest one in all the three. You can begin your road trip from Bangalore around dawn on Friday. You will reach the destination by evening if you stop for short breaks on the way. After enjoying your Friday night and Saturday completely, you can leave Thekkady by afternoon on Sunday. You will reach Bangalore before midnight.

Once you reach your destination, the first thing you need to do is take a stroll through the lush green landscape of the place. You will be captivated by the sheer beauty of this place. Once you have walked around the place, set out towards Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a well-protected one across the entire country.

If you have a nerve for adventure and wish to take in all the beauty nature has to offer, this National Park will leave you craving for more. You can spot wild animals, relax in the soothing atmosphere by availing the option of a stay amidst nature. You can click endless pictures of tigers, elephants and other animals.

If you like the calm waters of a lake, you can enjoy a boat ride in Periyar Lake. It is also known as Thekkady Lake. Animals go there for sipping water and no other place in the forest will give you a better view of the animals. The lake is located in the middle of the forest.

Before you leave Thekkady, you can also visit Mangala Devi temple and take blessings of the goddess. What a perfect way to end the trip!