Book Review - Redefining Comfort Food with Amit Puri

Title - Redefining Comfort Food with Amit Puri
Author - Amit Puri
Genre - Food & Drink / Culinary Arts
Publisher - The Write Place
ISBN - 978-93-89058-33-8

A brilliant book which would make you fall in love with it, over and over again. I have heard a lot about Amit Puri. As soon as I came to know that he is releasing his own book, I did not give a second thought and grabbed it almost instantly. 

Loved the book for the following reasons:
1. Content
2. Make
3. Finish

This can be delved deeper. The content is extra ordinary - though some of the food recipes may have been familiar to you.

The make of the book is simply luxurious. For the price you pay, you can definitely feel contended with the content coupled with quality of the book.

The finish. The book has lot of attractive pictures. These pictures were shot so intricately that you would feel like cooking them as soon as you have finished reading the book. Of course, author has talked about the team who has helped him in coming out with this book.

What did I like the most about the book? 

The way of approach by Chef Amit Puri. Firstly, he gives credits to couple of items he uses the most - Lemon & Chillies. He opens up the book with the Base Recipes which is almost common on all the food dishes like Paste, Purees, Marination and Sauces.

The book is divided into a 8 course meal - as against the 8 topics

1. Soup
2. Salad and Chaat
3. Starters
4. Mains
5. Rice
6. Breads
7. Dips, Seasoning and Sprinklers
8. Beverages and Desserts

Reading the content was like a breeze. Content were given in such a way that it invokes interest in you, instantly. 

Each and every recipe has the details like serving, ingredients, servings coupled with a note. Do not miss the NOTE as it would help you in recreating your own dish, which is what Chef advocates. 

I loved each and every dish that was mentioned in this amazing book but would like to highlight a few that caught my attention.

a. Killer Turkey Bacon, Beer and Cheddar
b. English Vinglish
c. No Mayo Waldorf Salad
d. Chilled Out Asian Doughnuts
e. Quick Toss Squid Pakodas
f. Dal Pakwaan from Chembur
g. Fried Mackerel and Chips 
h. Addictive Potato Skins
i. Kolhapuri Mutton Khow Suey
j. Thai Chicken Buddha Bowl etc to name a few.

I am not mentioning them all though I feel like. The book is definitely irresistible. Grab your copy today and surprise your spouse with the magical dishes.

This book is available on Amazon and also offline on all leading stores.