Book Review - War Of Secrets

Title - War Of Secrets
Author - Kumar Nishant
Genre - Fiction(Sci-Fi)
Publisher - White Falcon Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-89530-81-0

This is a short novel but nevertheless, the content is captivating and gripping. I felt happy because after a long gap, I could see an Indian author attempting to write a novel based on Science Fiction. By the time you realized that you have spent some time, the novel is already over.

I loved the writing style of the author which is fresh. His approach is simple - put the story across to the readers, in an effective way. The protagonist Rajiv was happily married to Saumya. His niece Sneha loves to hear his stories. By the way, they lived at the time when the transportation was done by self-driven cars, teleporting machines. This is when he along with his team lead Sriram gets kidnapped.

Who kidnapped them?
For what reason were they kidnapped?
Were they kidnapped for a ransom?

Sheshan was running a covert facility. He was into developing a highly confidential weapon program which comes under threat. 

What sort of program is run by Sheshan?
Who tries/d to sabotage it?
Was he successful in thwarting the threat?

Read this novel to find out the answers. Like I said, this is a short novel(of less than 100 pages) but the content is worth the read.

This book is available on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook format.