Book Review - Gray Pages (Dazzled by Illusion Book 2)

Title -Gray Pages(Dazzled by Illusion Book 2)
Author - Ayushi Raghuvanshi
Genre - Poems(Literature & Fiction)
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

A perfect combination of emotions coupled with heart touching words is what makes this book, a real special one. Usually poets are emotional in their lives. They could see some message or the other with each and every thing happening around them. They express it in words which is not only powerful but also appealing. This is what Ayushi had done with her collection of poems.

The book is divided into 6 parts namely:

1. Dark
2. Reminisce
3. Secrets
4. Hope
5. Love and
6. Friend

Each of these carries few poems. You would find a total of 38 poems. Considering the price, I would say, it is definitely worth it because you are paying little over 1 Rupee for the beautiful lines/creations which would leave an everlasting effect on your life.

If you are  poet, you surely wouldn't want to miss it. If you love reading books, this is perfect for you. If you read books and seek different genre(like poetry), this would surely appeal to you. I liked the way the author has brought out the emotions which were free flowing and I could surely say that these were not thought and written but should have come on a flow, without any obstacles.

I do not want to talk in detail about the poems but would like to highlight just one line from the poem "Stay Up Tonight" where you will find these words - "I just let my pen bleed". I was totally moved by it. 

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.