Book Review - Dazzled By Illusion

Title - Dazzled by Illusion
Author - Ayushi Raghuvanshi
Genre - Poems(Literature)
Publisher - Amazon Kindle

This is a collection of 60 odd poems by the poetess Ayushi. This book is really worth the price, it is being sold at because it is costing less than a rupee to read these amazing set. Having read her 2nd book already, I immediately grabbed this first book without giving a thought. I loved the variation that was shown in various poems. It is a mixed emotion and hence it would connect well with the readers since they would have gone through few of them for sure, if not all.

The writing style was lucid and yes, I was amazed by the rational thinking of the author who has let out her emotions in such a way that you feel like being there. Usage of some of the words might require you to refer to a dictionary but yes, it is an added advantage for the book because it gives you sometime to recollect what you read while referring to the actual meaning of the word.

I liked all the poems but these two captured my attention, instantly. I am reproducing them here which gives you a glimpse of the writing skills of Ayushi.


That is always close to my heart
Meeting at low-key places for a good start
Taking walks at night praising nature's art
I always like keeping it a low-key sweetheart

Another Chance?

Well it's good to get swept away by feelings
And hang on to the slumber party dreaming
Wishing I would have met you in a world
parallel to the one we are living
And answered the call for the fondness I
had been harboring
You were like the one I have been wanting
And yet I had to let go as accepting you was

Aren't these poems amazing? I am doubly sure that if you like poems, you certainly do not want to miss this book.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.