Book Review - Life Without Fear

Title - Life Without Fear
Authors - Santosh Avvannavar & Rajashree Ghosh
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Amazon Kindle
ASIN - B0839B7RL4

This is a novella which runs less than 25 pages but carry forward a strong meaning/message. The title is very much apt for the story and the protagonist Roni. Though the story may not be relevant to India at the moment, with the changes happening across various front, people might start accepting the facts mentioned in the book sooner or later. The book talks about same sex relationship in a subtle manner. I have witnessed this first hand back in mid 2000's when one of my colleague was one. Thankfully, we all came from various background and we never treated him any different. However, this may not be the case elsewhere. 

Let us read the book with an open mind and I am sure you would appreciate the content and the way the story was penned.

This book is available on Amazon in the kindle format.