Book Review – Peppered Minds

Title – Peppered Minds
Author – Om Somani
Genre - Fiction
Publisher – Notion Press

As soon as I saw the title and cover page of the novel, I got the hunch that there is going to be some good comic ride awaiting me. The novel stretches over 300 pages but I breezed through. It’s fun reading the book. With hilarity and it also conveyed message that we Indians should not consume too much chilli-dominated food because it draws curtains on our ability to think creatively and innovatively. The novel’s story is told through some characters using a general sort of point of narration. But all characters are likeable and pure to their roles and peculiarities.

The story is about a young man named Neeraj, in fact he is the protagonist. He lives in Jaipur with his middle-class funny family. He gets selected for the post of a geologist in a government company in Hyderabad. A lot of pre-departure preparation has been captured by the author very finely, as I could relate how near and dear ones react when one family member has to go a far-off land for job and career aspirations.

As the journey starts, fun begins in the pages. I liked the train journey part, how the author compared the hot train bogie with an oven, and when scuffle between reserved and unreserved passengers occur, Neeraj takes the side of a family going to Hyderabad and it’s appreciated by a girl Preeti with whom Neeraj’s love story chugs ahead in the later part of  the novel. In each scenario and description, the humour and wit is palpable. Putting so much fun and laughter in a novel with a common story plot is indeed a remarkable job done by the author.

In Hyderabad, a new life begins for Neeraj. Half the time he is confused whether he is a geologist or earth science? The office environment and seniors behavior in a typical corporate world is worth reading, it seems the experiences have been spiraled out of the author’s personal life. At times fantasy, sometimes a bit emotional, and innovative, Peppered Minds is just another good experience of reading a book that is not only lighthearted but also fast-paced. Though the thought process and beliefs and ideologies of all characters differ, but they hardly get into any deadly conflict. I hope you also enjoy reading it as much as I did. Pick up this book to join Neeraj in his professional journey.

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