Book Review – Ripples of Eternal Love

Title - Ripples of Eternal Love
Author - Pravin Pandey
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - 24by7Publishing

A simple and slow-paced novel about nature and the river Swarnrekha and the people like fishermen. This is one of its kind novels. I was bemused to find that the author has given too much focus on the river than the characters that it affects. I really enjoyed this novel, though it started a bit slow, for one strong reason that I too love sitting around the rivers and sea.

The story is about a boy and his friendship with Dina Ram, a fisherman. The story is set into a village where the boy whiles away his time by sitting around the river and also observes the river as it flows silently. But the boy has a very little knowledge about the river. Soon he builds good understanding with that fisherman and he gets to hear a lot of incidents that happen in and around the river.

In the suspense is Malti, Dina Ram’s daughter. The boy is dazed by her brilliance and talent and academic capabilities but he has never seen and met her. Hence, he develops feelings for her and longs to see her at any cost. But long before his plan to see her materializes; a deadly storm grips the village. What happens after that? Will he be able to see her and Dina Ram? Will the boy be able to go to the river once again? A lot of questions formed in my mind or anyone who would like to read this book. Pick up the book on Kindle (preferably) to know your answers. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Overall, writing and narration is lucid but the pace of the novel is bit slower and at times I found a few instances repetitive. But despite all pitfalls, the novel is powerful with concurrent themes like love, loss, and redemption. It is a bright novel for nature lovers and the writing caliber of the author is remarkable.

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