Book Review - My Ramyeon Girl

Title - My Ramyeon Girl
Author - Nethra A
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Fablery

A beautiful story which has touched upon the subject of racism which is still prevalent in various parts of the world. I was not even aware about this until I read this book and was deeply shocked to find out that it was true. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the author who has touched this subject and penned a story revolving around this.

I was struggling initially to cope up with the Korean names. Thankfully, I started remembering it as and when I proceeded with the story. The reason was simple. One of the protagonist is a Korean.  He is none other than Lee Jung-Su who was also known as "Crown Prince" in the entertainment industry there. He meets another protagonist - Meena from India who was there for various assignments. Not much was known about her until she opens up to Jung-Su. The meet happens in an unusual place and in an unusual way. The place was called Insadong-Gil, a Rameyon Shop. By looking at the cover picture, you would have understood as to what this shop is all about.

There were other characters like 

Min-Sik, Manager,
Min-Ji, Sister
Dae-Ho, Hyun-Ki, In-Su - Friends
Kang - Writer
Yoon-Chul, Jeremy among others.

All was well with Jung-Su until he realizes that he was in love with Meena. What happens after that is something which needs to be read and felt. This is a gripping novel which needs all our attention and support. The creativity of the author is definitely worth the mention.

So, you could very well see that this is not the usual story but a story with a message. When will this be curbed/curtailed entirely? GOD only knows the answer.

This book is available on Amazon in eBook format.