Book Review - autumn: book of poems

Title - autumn:book of poems
Author - Vartika Upadhyay
Genre - Poems
Book Cover - Gayathri Shenoy
Publisher - Kindle
ASIN - B08C6C7R43

This is an excellent attempt by a young poetess Vartika. I have read few books in this genre but I must admit that this collection of poems stand apart compared to others. I liked the approach which was adapted by her which is unique.

The book is divided into 3 parts namely:

1. kouyou
2. rudeneja
3. psithurism

I am not going to tell you as to what these above words mean and from which language each of these words were sourced from since you need to find it by buying this book yourself. 

I felt like being on the runway because the poems make you feel like one since they begin in a slow pace and the intensity grows as you move further. There was also one more unique thing in this book. Vartika deployed various pictures to go on in a particular kind of theme for each part. I initially thought that these illustrations were done by her but later realized that they were sourced from Pinterest. Nevertheless, these added great value to the poems.

The poems are based on Love, Friendship, Heartbreak, Healing and lot of other mixed emotions. I would like to highlight few lines from couple of poems here to evoke your interest.

"When some novels
and the woven words
have great impact on us
but at the same time
there's a real story
behind every fiction"

"At the end of the line
I think about
How many people
would have even noticed all these like me
How many people
would have penned down anything like I did
How many people
would have admired the little things like I did?"

These lines moved me the most and I personally felt poems 24,25,34 and 35 were really good. Poem 35 had a unique way of referring to few by beginning the paragraph with the word "Looking".

I did not mention the title of each poem here because there wasn't one.

The lines from the poem "At the end of the line" which I had mentioned above gave me a feel of reading William Wordsworth's "Daffodils" as I felt it was in the same context but framed in the own words and unique style of Vartika. 

This book is certainly worth its price - be it the eBook or Paperback and would serve as a perfect gifting stuff to your loved ones, if they like reading.

This book is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.


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