Book Review - Once There Was Me : The Extraordinary Life Of An Unknown Indian

Title - Once There Was Me : The Extraordinary Life Of An Unknown Indian
Author - Bobby Sachdeva
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Pan Macmillan India
ISBN - 978-9389109559

This is the book about the extraordinary account of an unknown Indian. Though this book is a semi-autobiography, most of the incidents were taken from the real life account of the author. He has changed the names of the characters to protect their identity and privacy. I did not read the synopsis and the blurb. I would suggest you to do the same. There is a reason behind it. You would understand once you finish reading the book.

However, the case that was put forth in this book by the author would make each and everyone to think twice about the presence of GOD! To all who do not know much about the author, please be informed that he is probably the first in the country who is looking to file a PIL(Public Interest Litigation) on couple of things which I found it unique. Though I am urged to mention the details here, I leave it to the readers because you need to buy the book to find out more as to what these PIL's are all about and what has forced him to think on these lines.

What I noticed while I was reading the book was the author did not take any stance favoring or against any political party or religion. He was certainly against the God men who in the name of The Almighty was enriching themselves at the cost of unsuspecting public by playing with their religion and beliefs.

This 400 odd page book is definitely a worthy read because it would help you in getting to know the reality and most importantly, it would also serve as a strong motivational factor for those who have failed in their life. Why I say is because author's family migrated from Pakistan to India during the migration which happened in 1947 and though they got good amount of land here in India in exchange of their lands in Pakistan, most of them were taken away by local militants and some of them were lost due to various circumstances including the loss in the business. He also witnessed the 1984 Sikh Riots first hand which had forced his family to flee to Delhi. The brutality of the incidents which happened during those days were recorded in a way which couldn't have been done better than this. His ambition to go to US and what happened there was another story of its own accord.

The struggle with the local militants couldn't have been explained better. The loss faced by the family on various occasion like boiler accident, fire accident in the factory apart from being cheated by the customers and the partner would make you feel real sad and those who had witnessed a similar kind of situation in their life would surely shed tears.

The book also has the flavor of family bonding and relationships, treachery, Love, First Kiss, School and College Life etc which would make you feel more connected with the characters in the book. It would be real apt to say that the author was no less than the King Bruce who achieved success despite failing initially after being inspired by a spider. Here the scenario is bit different wherein Bobby wanted to achieve financial freedom and how he achieved it is what that makes this book, a real special one.

This book is available on Amazon and on all leading stores, online and offline.