Author — Nataraj Sasid
Genre — Language, Linguistics & Writing
Publisher — Book Media
ASIN — B08C7KN587

Self-publishing is becoming a big industry in India and everywhere. It’s easy to publish and sell books via online retail stores. But most of the people ambitious to write books all their life want to know the hacks that can make them a successful earning author. Hardly books come that highlight the plight of struggling authors, in absolute sense books guiding about publishing and marketing are rare, and that published some years back need revised editions because online platforms are more diverse and versatile than we think.

Publishing a book on Amazon sponsored Kindle last year must have been different from now. I mean to say that authors out selling their books on their own need to keep abreast of all, and there is a need to refer timely helpful books from time and again.

This is my first book where I learnt about self-publishing and other strategies. By all means, it’s a must have for anyone starting out in self-publishing industry.

In the book, the author attempted to answer all questions that possibly fill new writers mind. This book is a great book for authors, it’s helpful, straightforward, and always have a little tinge of motivation. This newest book is going to be one of the most valuable ones for authors. Nataraj laid out relevant and straight pointers regarding marketing and publishing packages and other tales.

Anyone planning to publish books in nearby future can definitely refer this book as a handy guide. I think by reading this book it would be hard not to be successful if you have a good product and you follow the advice given here. Great book, great advice!

This book is available on Amazon.