Author Focus - Mayuri Nidigallu

1.What motivates you to write?

I used to be a very shy child and adult. The one thing I enjoyed most was losing myself in a book. The next natural step was writing and I found out I could express myself better on paper, and later through my Blog. I still think so and that is what motivates me to write.

 2. How did you feel after publishing your book - with blogchatter?

Blogchatter helped me realised my dream of turning into an Author. Thanks to them I am a Published E-Book Author, twice over. My two books are, ‘26 Favorite Foods and A Little of Me’which is about 26 foods I love most, from all over India and little anecdotes about me.

My 2nd E-Book is, ‘My A to Z of Chennai – The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye’ which is all about Chennai through a Bombay Girls eyes. Publishing a book is a whole lot of feelings. I was relieved that I completed writing my books.

I was thrilled that they were published. Post which I was ecstatic that people are reading them, loving them and reviewing them too!

 3. What are some of your favourite novels and authors?

Stephen King is my favourite Author as reading his books is a lesson in writing. Khaled Hussaini taught me how to make a reader feel, as did Maeve Binchy. Sudha Murty’s writing teaches one the power of simple writing

 4. Can you tell about your Tarot Reading Profession? How did it start?

One day my younger brother came up to me and said that he thought I would make a wonderful Tarot Card Reader. I had never even heard of Tarot till then and he told me more about it. I said I would think about it, but didn’t. A few months later, on a holiday to London I accompanied my friend for a Tarot Reading. As the Reading progressed, I couldn’t take my eyes off the gorgeous Tarot Cards and was fascinated at how these cards could reveal so much about the Past, Present and Future. I decided to stay back and learn Tarot Reading. I learnt it from a Professional Tarot Card Reader in London.

 5. How much time did it take for you to learn Tarot Reading?

I learnt it in 20 Days. Practised it for 1.5 years, before I turned Professional. 

6. Do you have any memorable event in this profession - like a happy/thrilled customer?

16 years as a Professional Tarot Card Reader have given me innumerable memories. My client wanted me to be a God Mother to her child, whom she conceived after many years. Another turned her life around  and sends me Teachers Day wishes every year. There are many who thank me for taking important life changing decisions. 

7. What was your biggest learning experience in this process?

Let me share a secret with you. Before I became a Tarot Card Reader I was a completely spoilt brat, with a sense of self entitlement that embarrasses me to even think about it! Tarot Reading humbled me, it made me grow up and helped me develop gratitude. I still learn something new from every client.

 8. How is this different from Palm Reading & General Astrology?

Tarot Reading is neutral. All it requires of you are the Questions you need answers to. Nothing else.

 9. Do you need to follow any special process/procedure to keep your Tarot Reading powers intact?

I have no Powers. Tarot Reading is something that has to be learnt, then practised.

 10. Coming back to your book - do you have a best piece of writing advice for the new or struggling writers? 

You have to read a lot, to be able to write well. Be a ruthless Editor and be open to creative and constructive Criticism. Join Writing Communities as they are the support you need.

11. One thing personal about you people may be surprised to know?

After being on all Social Media , there are no surprises left!

 12. Any future books that you would like to discuss now?

Yes. I am putting the framework together for a book on Tarot and all things related.

 13. How is the lock down treating you?

I never thought I would say this, but the Lockdown has been the best period of my life! It has given me the clarity I was looking for, which has helped me make some very important decisions.

 14. Traditional or Self-Publishing? Why?

Self-Publishing, for the convenience and control it gives an Author.

 15. How is the response so far for the book? 

Both my books have got a fabulous response!


Thank you so much for this, Sarath.
It was a pleasure answering these questions.