Book Review - Observational Spirituality: A guide to learning Spirituality through Observation

Title - Observational Spirituality: A guide to learning Spirituality through Observation
Author - Anilson
Genre - Spirituality / Religion & Spirituality
Publisher - NotionPress
ASIN - B08F2TP233

An excellent book. You shouldn't be deceived with the genre under which it is listed because I don't think it would fit there in particular because this book is beyond that. Though it talks about worldly things, I would not classify it under religion because by doing so, I would be narrowing the definition the book has to offer. This book must be read by all - irrespective of age, caste, creed, religion, gender etc., since the pointers mentioned in this book is Universal and applicable to all.

Though the book is a quick read, the information it offers is enormous as I could aptly call it as a power packed material (I wouldn't want to use the other word which is commonly used since it can be construed otherwise). 

The book would make you start looking at things around you in a different perspective. I found the concept interesting and intriguing. The content would also serve as a motivational factor for you, for sure. The book covers various aspects like:

Learning - which is a continuous process. If we analyse our behavior, it will make you realize as to how frequently we deviate from the lessons we learned. We can learn from everything, if only we are attentive about it.

Selfless Act - by referring Earth which never stops from spinning, author talks about the virtue of performing selfless acts which would bring greater good to all of us.

Success - How people who criticize you when you were trying something new start following your method/path and praising you, when you achieve success.

Fragrance - by referring Air as to how it neither associates with fragrance nor with the stench, author drives a very strong and a valid point and wants us to replicate the same.

Thoughts - Never stop them as it causes friction and agitation. Remember, an agitated mind can never meditate or focus.

Flow - by referring Water, author establishes his point as to how one would become impure when there is a stagnation but as long as the thoughts are flowing, you would never be prone to be spoiled.

Travel - as to why it is necessary and how it compliments our life.

Color - by referring Sky as to how it is colorless even though we get to see different colors of it, from time to time.

Purification - be referring Fire as to how nothing purges or purifies like Fire.

All I gave above are only a gist. This book would keep you captivated from the beginning till the end since it does talk sense and make you delve deep into yourself to think about you and the things that surrounds you which would ultimately relate to Self-Realisation.

This is the First Book in the series and it has already evoked interest in me to look out for Book 2. 

This book is available on Amazon on both eBook and Paperback formats.