Book Review - Second Chance


Title - Second Chance
Author - Dr Kavita Bhatnagar
Genre - Romance(Fiction)
Publisher - Sterling Publishers
ISBN - 978-8194400752

An amazing story which has captured the plight of a woman who undergoes a divorce and the struggles she faces in finding her man. The book is an eye-opener where remarriage has never been conceived in a good way, all these days and most importantly, it also talks about the pros and cons of trying to find your partner, online.

Ragini Mathur, the protagonist divorces her husband Kadamb after she comes to know of his other side. She undergoes a tremendous trauma because of this which was captured vividly. Despite of having a perfect job with a good salary, she undergoes lot of stress and this is where her sister Kamini and her childhood friend Mia comes into the picture.

She registers her profile in a website and gets cheated. Thankfully, she comes to know about the profiles who tries to cheat her, before the engagement/marriage. The story sends some strong messages which includes:

1. Do not compromise, unless required.
2. Do not be deceived. You have the right to know.
3. Make your own choice. Do not get bogged down.
4. Divorce isn't a phenomenon anymore. You can always restart your life with a re-marriage.
5. Support from family and friends is required. Do not ignore them.
6. Be ready to take the Second Chance!!

The list includes the names of Ramkumar, Rajkumar, Prabhat, Deepak, Ashutosh, Krisha to name a few. Yes. There are few more names which I have not mentioned deliberately because you need to buy the book to find it yourself.

This would surely appeal to those who have undergone this phase or going through one. Trust me, this book would also serve as a motivational factor making you feel good and help you in achieving the life you wanted - if you followed the instincts of the protagonist - Ragini!!

This book is available on Amazon , Flipkart and also on Sterling Publishers website and all leading book stores, offline.