Book Review - The Six Life Lessons : Hidden in LUDO


Title - The Six Life Lessons : Hidden in LUDO
Author - Dr Chhavi Prakash Tiwari
Genre - Self Help / Personal Development
Publisher - XPress Publishing
ISBN - 978-1649833723

A recent study has found out that playing a game would help in developing various skills. This finding gains importance at the time when it is presumed that spending time on gadgets may affect vision and thinking capacity/power. However not much has been spoken about our conservative games which were played for generations. This book gains prominence since it talks about 6 important aspects in life trough our own game - LUDO. Yes, it is the same game which was played by Pandavas and Kauravas which lead to the Kurukshetra War. 

While this book is a real short read, I thoroughly liked the way it has interpreted the game to be effectively put to use in our real life. Author's style of writing was fresh and lucid. He did not beat around the bush and was precise with his points. The connection that he establishes with various aspects of life from the game needs a special mention/applause. This proves beyond the doubt that our ancestors did create almost everything with a purpose.

The important life lessons one could learn from the game through this book includes:

1. Passion
2. Patience
3. Positive Imagery
4. Balance
5. Hope and
6. Dealing with Setbacks.

However, as a BONUS, there is an additional lesson for all of us. This is none other than "Planning and Strategising".

This game was initially called Pachisi. Emperor Akbar was so fond of this game that he had a specially constructed court in all his palaces to play this game. As usual, the game was modified and patented with the popular name Ludo in England in 1896. We see this game usually come along with Snake and Ladders. When you flip to the other side of Ludo, you find Snake and Ladders and vice veras. That's the starters for you.

Similar to the dice(aka die) which is thrown to generate a number, life is also a game where you always try to get the maximum.

Do you know?

The name Ludo is derived from a Latin word which translate to - I PLAY. Life is also a stage. We are the players in it. Why not play it?, asks the author.

In this game, there are more than 1 winner. This is a motivation factor for the others as well, despite not being in a position to finish first. This phrase caught my attention where author says "No game is over, until you have won it". The mention of parable of the Chinese Bamboo Tree should not be missed. This would surely serve as a motivational factor for all of us.

Winning in Life isn't easy. However one should not compare their life with that of others. Author has expressed this clearly in his book. Whether you start late in the game(read it as life) doesn't matter as long as you have the will and passion to finish it.

Each and every aspect that was mentioned above( 6 important lessons of life) is covered in detail and next time, when I am going to sit to play this game, I am definitely going to have a different kind of approach and play it as if I am playing the game called LIFE....

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