Hemp Masks - A Sustainable & a Safe Way to protect from Virus/Pathogens

Why Masks?

It is advised by W.H.O. and other health bodies/professionals to wear the mask during this pandemic. As against the earlier practice of wearing them to protect ourselves from dust, it has become a new normal to wear it to protect ourselves from COVID-19 Virus. Hence it is advisable to wear masks all the time, as and when we venture out rather than taking chances.

There are various masks available out there. Why did I prefer wearing Hemp Mask is given below:

1. To start with, they are comfortable to wear.

2. It has enough breathing space.

3. They are eco-friendly and made from organic raw materials which was sourced from the farmers in Uttarakhand.

4. These masks do not pollute the environment - be it air. water or land.

5. Hemp is naturally resistant to microbes.

6. Easy to wear and available in multi colors which is fit for both - formal and casual wear.

7. These masks are safer than the ordinary cloth/synthetic masks.

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