Book Review - Open Your Wardrobe for Answers


Open Your Wardrobe for Answers, published under Notion Press Publications is an enthralling book that covers the rare subject of clothing psychology. Written and penned down by the young teen author Bhushita Ahuja, this self-help book is a must read for teens and the youth who can interpret their personality by their choice of clothes.

Who doesn’t judge a book by its cover? Well, it’s quite agreeable that the first impression is the last impression. The book tell us that it takes merely 3 seconds for someone to form an assumption about you based on what you’re wearing, making it imperative for our clothes to signal the right message. Bhushita throws light onto the answers that are hidden right inside or closets.

The chapters in the book deal with things like ‘The 5 pillars of a personality,’ ‘Color psychology’ and also address questions like ‘Do you dress to impress?’ and ‘How to dress for success?’ There is a chapter in the book that relates clothing psychology to the Vedic and spiritualistic concepts too. Throughout the book, one can find style maneuver tips and there’s a special section that is about everyday wardrobe crisis which has some exciting activities to organizes the mess inside your cupboards.

Bhushita clearly marks the difference between ‘style’ and ‘fashion’ through this book. She expresses that while fashion is ever-changing and in a constant state of flux, style is more permanent and lasting. The book talks about how clothing has transformed and evolved from a mode of survival to an indication of ones character and personality. Her book is a must read for fashion aficionados, growing up teenagers and youth who want to understand their personality and style.

You’ll find many beautifully self-drawn pictures in the book which are also the work of a teen artist, Avantika Rai. You can turn into a new leaf if you tweak you attire, clothing had that power. So pick up this book for a crash course on all things fashion and start using clothing as a tool to express yourself. Fashion is an impactful art and your wardrobe is the key to interpret your style. Bhushita Ahuja’s Open your Wardrobe for Answers’ is easily available on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms and here’s a shoutout to go buy this one-of-a-kind book!

“Do your clothes show boldness or a warm-hearted compassion,
To know more you must unlock the doors of your fashion.” ~Bhushita Ahuja

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