Book Reviews - Dozen Pebbles Washed Ashore by Life


Title -Dozen Pebbles Washed Ashore by Life
Author - Aura Bhattacharjee
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - StoryMirror
ISBN -978-93-88698-66-5

Aura has created a magic with her debut book. Though the statement may seem like an exaggerated one, once you finish reading the book, you would surely agree to my view. This book is a quick read but each and every story carries so much of feelings and sentiments that would make you attached to it.

The book consists of 12 short stories which were inspired by the author's real life incidents, characters that she has met and the places she had traveled to.

The story talks about being inspired, finding beauty in everything that surrounds us and also how people who are with lesser fortune keep themselves happy and what makes them one.

It also talks about enjoying the life even after getting divorced driving the message that it isn't the end of the world. Author's travel to Chicago also finds a mention in this collection which is a good read. The story which has Maneesha as the protagonist is a thought provoking one.

How one should handle stress and how one should always have will power and the essence of travel and art makes this book a complete package as these stories touches upon lot of aspects which we witness in our life, day in and day out.

As rightly mentioned, this book is certainly a perfect travel companion and you can read it whilst you're on a travel or otherwise....

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Thank you so much for capturing the essence of my book, specially the mental well-being aspect, so beautifully