Book Review - 52 Red Pills


Title - 52 Red Pills
Authors - Eika and Siddharth Banerjee
Genre - Lifestyle
Publisher - Pan Macmillan India
ISBN - 978-93-89109-27-6

No book could claim that it offers simple solutions to be successful which results in good health, wealth and being wise. The reason is simple. The perceptions differ from person to person and so as the application of "Success Mantra". This book "52 Red Pills" doesn't claim it as well but once you start reading this book, you would understand that the concept that were discussed in this book is too good to be neglected. Most importantly, these can be undertaken by any one from Day 1 without having to worry about the consequences since the end result would always be Positive!

Eika and Siddharth takes us on their 52 week journey where they decided to concentrate on one aspect/subject a week and shows us as to how one could achieve the goodness in their life by swallowing the pills. The pills here does not relate to the actual pills but the wisdom or the experience one would come across and grasp it in their life.

The book starts with a Good Sleep and ends with Reflect and Turbocharge.

In between, there are 50 other pills which includes:

The Art Of Thinking
The Science of Food
The Spice of Life : Cinnamon
Power Mornings
Going Organic
On Life Hacks
Be A Super Woman
On Philanthropy
On Globetrotting
Running as a Passion
The Real Social Network
Channeling Energy
On Ikigai
The Science Behind Indian Festivals
Decoding Homeopathy
The Joy of Coffee

to name a few.

Each and every chapter is complemented well with an art/picture in the beginning which automatically evokes your interest to read the chapter.

Each chapter is further sub divided into:

1) The Context
2) The Process and
3) The Learnings

The chapter also has a section called Resources which you shouldn't miss as it takes to you to places which has more information that has inspired the authors to pen down the writings related to that particular section.

The flow is smooth. The writing style and the usage of examples are appealing and would evoke an interest automatically among the readers. The chapter ends with "To Think and Do This Week". This is for the readers to fill it up.

Remember, you have one whole week for each chapter to experience and fill up the blanks. You may not be in a position to follow all or do it in the same order as given in the book. Do not worry. As long as you are putting an effort consciously to attempt few or most of them, you are in the right path. Pills are bitter to taste but it cures the ailment and brings in good health which in turn can be put to good use to build your wealth....

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