Book Review - wine for breakfast


Title- wine for breakfast
Author - Tanvi Kesari Pasumarthy
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Xpress Publishing (an imprint of Notion Press)
ISBN - 978-1649832702

I picked this book for few reasons. Firstly it is the unusual title which immediately resonated with a book published by my friend, a while ago. After I did finish reading this book, I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed with the poetic acumen of Tanvi who has brought out an unimaginable way of expression which would penetrate deep into our mind and thought.

I would like to highlight few of the poems and prose from this book. This doesn't mean I did not like the others but I do not want to divulge the entire content of the book.

Title - thank you for holding me

when I fell apart

writing this book was the 

best thing that I could 

do to myself 

Title - gallery  

I offered to you

an entire exhibition

of my body

but you chose

a street art like her

The above lines are an excellent way of expression which shows the feminine character but the same time exhibits the helplessness situation of the person(read it as girl/protagonist).

Title - pick the right book ,chills - shows the inner desires or should I call it dark desires? Do give more attention to these poems.

Title - project, slut - helpless situation of the person being exploited for the desire of the other. This poem is a classic example of "Strong over week"

Title - demonic carols - sophisticated. Author has played with words which is like a rhythm that sounds like a song despite being a poem...

Title - Illustrations - though simple yet elegant 

Title - covert bushes - I dream about me

in your arms

instead of her

about me in between

your lips

and not her

Each and every poem is certainly a class apart. They show the wider perception of the author who showed a great variation which is really noteworthy.

Title - Institutionalization- brilliant prose.There are only a few prose in the book and the rest are poems.

Title - dear bully - is one of the hundreds and thousands of untold stories of sorrow/torture faced by girls while they were in school.

Title - the breakfast club - this poem was short & sweet.

Title - That is love - this poem is splendid with a special mention to the ending lines.

Title - prioritize - it’s like hitting on bull’s eye.

Title - a slap - is a slap for those who indulge in domestic violence and talks about it in 

Title - Rally, fragile - brilliant poems

Title - at the movies - is like a short story.

Title - literary romance 2 - is my favorite poem among all. This is the actual poem:

fall in love

with a writer 

who can love you

with words and

kiss you with poetry 

Poems in this book have emotional connect & appeal. If you love poems, this book is something you wouldn't want to miss. It took little over 2 hours for me to read the book in full. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. The main theme is "LOVE" and most of the poems are centered around this but like I have mentioned earlier, each and every poem is unique - be it with words or the message it tries to convey. It is surprising to hear that this is the first book by the author. 

This book is available on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook format. Available for FREE, if you have a Kindle Unlimited plan.