Book Review - Murder Milestone


Title - Murder Milestone
Author - Salil Desai
Genre - Fiction(Crime/Thriller)
Publisher - FingerPrint! Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-9018-366-1

This is yet again a brilliant story by the author where he presses Senior Inspector Saralkar to start investigating the murders despite having arrested the culprit who was sentenced to death. Dharmesh Solanki, the serial killer confesses to him saying that he has not killed all but one particular murder was done by his protégé.

Saralkar was married to Jyoti and their personal life was in a turmoil.

He takes the help of Motkar - PSI, Homicide and starts the investigation. Though they did not get proper assistance from Malusare – PSI, in the beginning, things start falling in place.

On the other hand, Uddhav Dandekar - confesses of killing women including Mona Parab. He was let go free as he was considered a lunatic. However, it was later found that Mona Parab was killed by Vinay Sawant, her cousin since she refused to get married to him.

Solanki at the time of narrating his duel with Saralkar gives two clues. What are these clues and what does it lead to?

Why would a person who was an Ayurvedic doctor in a small village - about 25kms from Wai town start killing the unsuspecting people? How did he kill the victims? His explanation of executing Bajrang through his protégé would send chills to your spine.

Dhananjay Solanki - son of Dharmesh Solanki also comes under the scanner of the cops. He gets his name changed to Digvijay Walke. Why did he do that?

Ved Mathur co-authors the autobiography of Solanki. He gives some vital information to Saralkar when being interviewed after the revelation by Solanki. Baban gives some vital information about the suspect. Then there was a suicide of Sriram & his Son Atul. People who had suicidal intentions called ChooseLife & got counselled by Satyajit. He too comes under the scanner of cops.

I liked the way things were narrated which ensured that it wasn’t boring at any given point of time. Instead, it evokes interest. This, according to me is one of the advantages of this amazing plot. Writing a crime thriller isn’t an easy job as lot of things needs to be connected with each other without leaving any loose ends. When it is done with perfection, it brings in a delight among the readers, naturally.

While Inspector Saralkar himself was going through a personal turmoil with his better half, will he be able to crack the case?

P.S. The twist in the story is certainly worth the read because the killer is not the person you believed to be the one...

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