Book Review - Ten Things Your Skinny Friends Don't Tell You


Title - Ten Things Your Skinny Friends Don't Tell You
Author - Keerthi Yella
Genre - Non Fiction(Food/Wellness)
Publisher -FingerPrint! Publishing
ISBN - 978-9390183531

The book begins with Q&A session which is quite unusual but considering the subject that the book was about to discuss post this, I found them really interesting and in fact has evoked interest in me already.

The book is full of wit and sarcasm which talks about various aspects of body weight in a subtle way. I am placing few quotes here which would give you a fair idea as to what you can expect from this book.

“If they decided to gorge, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot keep this person skinny then...”

“Dieticians & aestheticians cannot keep a person skinny if he or she decides to gulp down foods that have more calories than the year we are living in...”

The free flow of ideas with a funny way of expression is the highlight in the book. On one instance, author says about the type of diets that exists in the world jostling with each other for space & attention.

The comparison of a dietician to a man selling a saree despite not having draped it because of his gender may look like a discriminatory one but it isn’t (am I also writing the review similar to the style of author’s writing?)

Under-rating can always bring compensated my eating smaller quantities on regular intervals.

Eat more = fat piles up at the speed of a leopard
Eat less = losing fat at the pace of a snail
Eat nothing
losing fat at the speed of lightening

I haven’t read anywhere till date that the smart ceramics are better aids of portion control than smart apps. Have you?

Why would desserts get a restraining order against humans, if they could speak or voice their feelings & opinions?

Aren’t aunt gentleman? Why they follow “kill them with cakes & bury them with samosa?

Eating out is considered a family binding provided people do not text, Google or play games during the meal. What a perfect explanation....

Why do chefs hate skinny people?

The comparison of her skinny distant cousin who wouldn’t eat more than 2 slices of pizza a year & if she had the third slice, it was like BJP & INC forming the coalition Govt is absolutely brilliant.

Don’t we over eat especially when we open for a buffet as we wanted to justify the price we paid? Definitely a point to ponder.

This is where I need to draw attention to the life of a food taster/reviewer (also call themselves as food blogger) who is invited by the restaurants and pamper them with the most exotic dishes. I’m one of those souls who now needs redemption

Skinny person eating food in front of you is a mirage

Who said models don’t eat? They don’t eat junk food unless they are planning for an early retirement.

I stop here because this book is full of all such things except one para where I spoke about food reviewers. This book is certainly worth your time since it makes you understand about lot of concepts which are either a myth or may become a legend in the due course…

This book is available on Amazon