Book Review - Eat Up, Clean Up : Your Personal Journey To A Healthy Life


Title - Eat Up, Clean Up : Your Personal Journey To A Healthy Life
Author - Manjari Chandra
Genre - Healthy Living and Wellness(Non-Fiction)
Publisher - FingerPrint!
ISBN - 978-93-9018-382-1

As mentioned by the Celebrity Chef, Manish Mehrotra, this book is "not just about losing weight, it's about staying healthy. A must read for everyone!". I cannot disagree with his view since this book, though appear simple from the outside( I mean the cover page which is not over hyped or glossy), gives you the tips and tricks as to how you could lead a healthy life. 

The book talks in great detail about:



Loss of appetite 

Hypertension & Cholesterol, BP

Depression and few other ailments which are an increasing trend in the recent decade. Manjari has taken a novel way in explaining all these through stories where she has implanted few imaginary characters and what they go through, what made them to go through it, how were they diagnosed and how they had overcome. All these were done in an effective way. 

There were few measures that were taken by some of her clients who had given a testimonial which includes:

Fasting Mimicking Diet

Elimination Diet

Oxygen Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapist etc., I am sure you would have come across some of them, if not all.

The concept of OOP - Out Of Pocket payments was literally new to me though it is very much prevalent in the Indian scenario where we end up paying from our pocket when it comes to medical expenses.

WHO’s definition of Nutrition “the intake of food, following the body’s dietary needs” gives you a detailed idea as to what this widely used term means.

Each and every chapter was explained in great detail. It has a “you need to know this” section which you shouldn't miss. In one of the chapters, author asks this question - You could also have a reasonably well balanced meal from the fast food menu. 

Now I am also deeply inquisitive to find out how this is possible. 

Do you know what is the best way to fight anxiety? 

The major emphasis was on Food, Lifestyle & Schedule < Pills. Is this not true? I was overwhelmed by the compilation of information and the way it was presented in this book. Now comes the next question.

Do you know the four principles of traditional food?

Most importantly, do not forget to fill the goal settings which finds its way prominently at the end of each chapter. I loved the pages 54-57 in particular. Read the book to find out more :)

The book has dedicated chapter on Cancer, Packaged Foods, Ayurvedic Food. I would say that this book is a must at all the household irrespective of what your age or belief is....

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The word diet is such a nasty word. Replace your diet by making a healthy lifestyle change around eating well with moderation. .. Indian fusion

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