Book Review - Lo-Fi + Mashups: A Journey of Continuance


Title - Lo-Fi + Mashups: A Journey of Continuance
Author - Amit Sati
Genre - Poems & Anthology
Publisher - Pothi

A book which is not the usual one you would have come across. To be honest, this is the first book its kind, I have read till date. This book would surely be appealing to those who love to travel and retrospect.

You could finish reading this book in an hour but the effect it leaves in you is everlasting. Hence it is advisable to read one or two pages a day. I know it is difficult for a hardcore reader but try doing that and see the magic!

As it is mentioned in the description, the book is a combination of poems, monologues, playlists and pictures. I liked the pictures in particular since it makes you delve deep into the meaning, it tries to convey. I do not know how the paperback version would look like but if it is the same as the eBook, if you are an art lover, you would fall for it.

Each and every page is well decorated. Amit thank the readers throughout the book for taking time to go through them. This is something unique and encouraging. Though it may look like his personal journey, many of us would be able to connect with the content since it talks in detail about the universal concept called "L-O-V-E".

The book in particular talks about women empowerment as well. This fact needs to be appreciated since you don't find many books doing this. Having said that, if you are looking to give a thoughtful gift to your Mom, Sis, Better Half or your Girl Friend, this is an apt one.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every page. There were handful of poems in Hindi. If you do not know to read and understand Hindi, not to worry. Amit has given the translation for each of those poems which makes the reading, a breeze. 

The book begins with a warning message which shouldn't be missed. Though there were many poems in this book, I liked Cactus, Bella, Together, Heaven is Empty, Bygone, I will Pray for You, Tomorrow in particular. Monologues were thought provoking. Written in a simple and easily understandable language, this book shouldn't be missed. Let us recognize the ingenious mind behind this creation...

This book is available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback formats.