Book Review - VEDANTA: Spirituality For Leadership & Success


Title - Vedanta : Spirituality for Leadership & Success
Author - Pranay
Genre - Spirituality
Publisher - Fingerprint! Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-9039-101-1

This book is an absolute stunner since it deciphered as to what Vedanta is all about. This has made cleared various questions that were lingering in my mind over a period of time. This includes:

Why is pure & divine consciousness required?

Why is sharing very important with regards to Vision?

Who is GOD according to the Sanatan Dharma of Hinduism?

When does self faith & inspirational power accumulate within you?

How to overcome psychological fear? to name a few. You need not have to worry since you would find answers for all these and many other questions in this book.

If you think Vedanta is associated with one religion, you’re wrong. It is about realizing our ultimate state of being, which is achieved in the state of pure freedom of perception. How rightly said..

“Don’t live in the ignorance that your thoughts are your ultimate reality”. Don’t you agree to this?

Two prongs of Vedanta. Why “I” should be avoided and how if it is coupled with ego is a disaster.

Do you know?
Sadhbhavana & Sahacarya is all about fellowship & belonging to a common human family

A leader is a collaborator & should not impose his ideologies nor to be treated as an individual. Importance of team work.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see some of the concepts finding its mention in this book. Some of them are given below:

Chakravartin = World Conqueror = Conquering our negative parts & emphasizing the positive

Apple = Beauty & Creativity.

What we think = what we do = what we say

Jung, Freud talks about us being the part of the collective dream of entire humanity during our subconscious/ unconscious level.

The importance of patience is explained well.

My overall impression about this book is “unputdownable”

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