Book Review - Hinduism : Spirituality For Leadership & Success


Title - Hinduism : Spirituality For Leadership & Success
Author - Pranay
Genre - Spirituality
Publisher - Fingerprint! Publishing
ISBN - 978-93-9039-198-1

Sources from Mahabharata & Ramayana:

Bhishma says leadership should be wisdom led & NOT ego led. Same in case of mysticism too. Perfect example is Lao Tzu who emphasised on egolessness, wisdom among others.

What makes Ram, a “Maryada Purushottom”?

Do you know what did Steve Jobs asked his chief designer - Jonathan Ive? Hint: It is related to vision.

Sacrifice of Personal Ego as per Santana Dharma or Hindu Knowledge or even in Jainism & Buddhism is the greatest sacrifice among all. I certainly can’t disagree to this fact as we have seen the rise and fall of empires, just because of this ego. 

Each chapter has a gist called LESSON. Kindly read it. Do not skip it. Those are some powerful words which penetrates deep into your mind & soul. 

If you think that there is only one Gita which is Bhagavadgita, you’re wrong. There are others like:

Ram Gita 
Uddhav Gita
Ramana Gita
Purjan Gita 
Anu Gita
Avadhut Gita
Ashtavakra Gita and many more.

Difference between East & West - is well explained in the 2nd chapter of the book. 

Though I liked all the chapters in this book, I would recommend some of them like Key to Team Spirit, Fearlessness, Teamwork, Compassion, Self belief among others.

Having read his other book “VEDANTA”, I simply couldn’t resist reading this. The cover design was exemplary as it featured the Prime/First God - Lord Ganesha. The color and the pattern used in the cover design is mesmerizing. 

This book also consists of 21 chapters but each and every one is a lesson in itself. There are so many takeaways from this book but if you think that this is it, hold your breath. Pranay had also authored other books like Buddha, Vivekananda, Gita. Don’t you already feel excited and enthusiastic to grab at least one of them, if not all??

This book is available on Amazon


I am excited to read this article.You are a great mentor and I appreciate your work.