Book Review - Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times (SAGE IIM-Kozhikode Series for New Managers)

Title - Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times (SAGE IIM-Kozhikode Series for New Managers)
Author - Debashis Chatterjee
Genre - Analysis & Strategy
Publisher - SAGE Publications
ISBN - 978-93-5388-695-0

The book begins with a realistic and powerful phrase "Leadership cannot be learnt until it is taught

The foreword by the renowned Peter M Senge of MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts is a testimony to Prof Chaterjee’s accomplishments. He highlights “The implications of this book stretch beyond development of hierarchical leaders”. 

From being a probationer to sitting on the board in the same organisation, author has come a long way and credits his success to the guidance he has received from the stalwarts in the field.

This book is divided into two parts namely:

Karma &

Sutras (Insights)

Author recommends to read the book in Silence & Solitude.

Karma has 5 chapters which are as follows:

  1. Wisdom of Uncertainty 
  2. Managers and Leaders
  3. Power and Authority
  4. Culture and Technology
  5. Decoding Work

Sutras has 9 chapters which are listed below:

  1. Personal Mastery
  2. Consciousness
  3. Workship
  4. Organisation
  5. Communication
  6. Human Values
  7. Love
  8. Nature’s Manuscript
  9. Epilogue: The Sacred Path of Leadership

What is Dweck’s “growth mindset”?

Listening to Speaking = 3:1 (Three times more listening than speaking)

Warren Buffet said “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken”. How true it is when it comes to the middle level managers 

Some headers that captured my attention: Leaders don’t hit targets ; they grow people who hit targets

Managers have subordinates; Leaders have followers

How and Why is Mayo Clinic successful?

The differentiation between the Managers & Leaders are put up with such a brilliant precision that you would be surprised.  

“If you are dedicated, you might add some value, but if you are devoted, you will multiply value”

The day I received this book, I had been to a theme restaurant called “Dig In” and coincidentally I found a reference to California gold digging in the book as well(page no.18)

Illustrations used in the beginning of each chapter is thought provoking.

Author has cited the sayings of many famous personalities at the appropriate place.

How to deal with conflicts would surely be an eye opener for many.

The self analysis to find out whether you’re a manager or a leader is stunning. 

As the noon progresses, it touches upon various aspects like power, authority, culture, technology to name a few. I wouldn’t be going deep into it as it is you who should pick up a copy, if you’re really serious & is looking to groom yourselves. Remember, you will not find a willing and helpful leader who would groom you all the time but a book like this will teach you the nuances and the differences between two aspects which co-exists and it is that ability to differentiate between the two, will determine your ability, capacity and most importantly take you to the leadership position.

Impressive stories of Indra Nooyi, Jacinda Arden, Sheryl Sandberg and others makes the book even more interesting.

The second part of the book is more of psychological in nature and has references of Gautama Buddha, Mahaveer. The mention of "Zero" and its implications will surely make you read that over and over again. The kind of approach which a wannabe manager needs to take finds a clear mention making it a perfect guide for the aspiring leaders.

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