Book Review - Signposts : Life Simplified in 100 Quotes


Title - SiGNposts : Life Simplified in 100 Quotes
Author - Tapan Ghosh
Genre -
Publisher - BecomeShakespeare.com
ISBN - 978-93-5438-545-2

Tapan Ghosh is a multi versatile person who is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Technocrat, Writer, Thinker, Film Maker and more. This book is a very quick read but the message it conveys is powerful which is valid for Life!!

The book begin with a bang "You cannot create a quote. You have to live through a situation to pour your experience into one". How true it is....

I loved the cover page which is more appropriate. The size of the book is just the size of a CD Box which makes it travel friendly.

Since the quotes have arisen out of real life experience as was mentioned earlier, these are literally applicable to anyone and everyone who reads this. It teaches us the nuances of life in a subtle manner. This is not preachy but we tend to absorb the deeper meaning, each and every quote portrays. I am going deep into the quotes as they are good enough to make you understand and the meaning, author is trying to convey.

Though I loved all the 100 quotes, I would like to give few examples;

1. Friends preach, enemies teach - Those who were deceived/cheated by their friends would certainly vouch this.
2. Sometimes, humility is ego in disguise - Mostly applicable in case of Celebrities
3. A goal has limits, but a passion has none
4. Fiction is nothing but non-fiction couched to conceal the identity of the writer
5. Ideas strike you when you are not looking for them - Remember the "Eureka" moment by Archimedes?
6. Self-Discovery is the gateway to knowledge
7. The only thing you can own forever is yourself
8. Truth is better felt than perceived
9. Truth is plain vanilla, do not color it
10. You are in love if someone's name is your password

As you would have noticed by now, author has touched upon most of the emotions and expressions which we come across in our day to day life making it Universal.

You may read one quote a day as well which will make it even more appealing and refreshing.

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