Book Review - Tattva - An Aspect of Reality : Spiritual Colouring Book


Title - Tattva - An Aspect of Reality : Spiritual Colouring Book
Author - Anaida Parvaneh
Genre - Painting
Publisher - Prakash Books India Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN - 978-9354400520

Anaida needs no introduction. After ruling the Pop Music in the 90's, She is an award-winning celebrity chef, artist, inspirational speaker and healer. This is an amazing book which I felt is applicable for all ages.

Do read the "A Note from the Artist" before proceeding with the book as it gives a detailed insight as to what has made the author to come up with this unique book.  There is a lot of science which is associated with colors. Harvard based Dr Herbert Benson has mentioned in his study that coloring mandalas help the mind to relax. It can even help in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. There is a lot more to it.

Author mentions an apt sentence "Repeated thoughts becomes a belief in time'. 

What made the author healthier and lead a fulfilling life despite being told by her doctors that she will face death, on more than one occasion. 

Some of the colors which is connected with our life are:

Pink - reduction in physical strength and aggressive tendencies
Red - Raise the heartbeat
Blue - Lower the heartbeat
Do you know?
The installation of Blue Light in 2009 at the end of platforms on Tokyo's Yamanote railway line helped in reducing the suicide instances by 74%?

There is more to all the colors which is explained in detail and the best part is, you get to test these colors yourself by coloring yourself on some of the amazing drawings/visuals given in the book. 

You would get to use the colors like


It doesn't end with this. You also have something which is related to
Tree Of Life
Shree Yantra
Lotus Flower
Chakras - further divided into various other chakras
Sun and Moon
Butterflies and a few more.

I must admit that this is a great attempt which is novel and at the same time is very much connected to our life which is beyond language, religion, culture and customs.

A perfect gift for people of all ages. Gift your loved ones, the uniqueness which is also interconnected with your body and soul.

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