Book Review - Miles Apart : To Friendship, Love, and all that!


Title - Miles Apart : To Friendship, Love, and all that!
Author - Pratichi Sanaye
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-68538-860-7

A brilliant novel that revolves around two main characters - Shruti and Simran. The ups and downs they go through, the treachery, the disappointments, Love and Lust and all the human emotions that one could face in their life has been vividly captured in this beautiful novel.

Irrespective of the age of the reader, this novel would take you back to your college days where you surely would have had the maximum fun enjoying the carefree phase of your life. I could surely relate to some of the incidents mentioned in this book that had happened during my college days. Though I studied in all men's colleges back then(which is a Co-Ed) now, I have never had any regrets since those were the golden days in my life.

Shruti was a Chief illustrator in a newspaper. She was in a living relationship with Raghav, son of a builder. Then there is Gautam and Krithi. They all decide to go in search of Simran who was once a good friend of Shruti but had to break up due to a misunderstanding. 

What had happened back then?

They go to Darjeeling first but was told that Simran is in Shimla. On their way to Shimla, they get to meet Ayush. Ayush's father was also as rich as Raghav's dad. He helps the gang and ends up having a romantic relationship with Shruti.

I particularly loved pages 123 to 129 since it was full of heated romance which was captured raw(as it is) that would make your senses feel refreshed. Hence I advise you not to gift this book to kids(on a seriousnote).

Did Shruti meer Simran and mend their ways?
Was there more in store for these two souls?
Who was at fault?
How was it sorted?

Please note that what I have mentioned here is just the gist and the story has many unprecedented twists and turns which would make you pleasantly surprised. I am sure you would enjoy the novel as much I enjoyed reading it.

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