Author Focus - G B Prabhat of Maximum Person


1. What has motivated you to come out with this book that is not a conventional one?

 [GBP] The decline in the quality of life and specific concern for the coming generations coupled with what I see as a huge opportunity for individuals to dramatically improve the quality of their lives motivated me to write this book.


2. Is there a specific reason for naming your book?

[GBP] Most of us do not exploit our full potential for pursuing a high-quality life. The nomenclature Maximum Person is emblematic of the aspiration to become the maximum person one can be.

3. What was your own reaction after you finished writing the book? 

[GBP] Anxiety and overwhelming hope. Anxiety that the book’s message shouldn’t be overlooked since the theme of the book is indispensable to the future well-being of humanity. Hope that my ideas would be embraced and would cause betterment to many lives.

4. Where do you write from? Did you write this book in one go? 

[GBP] I write at my desk in my home office. I did not write the book in one go. It took me 5 years of alternating between research and writing to complete the book.


5. How did you manage to write this book despite your busy schedule? 

[GBP] If you badly want something, the waters will part. I don’t see this book as distinctly different from my professional engagement. I see it only as an extension of my pursuits in Consulting.

6. Your book received some great reviews from various walks of life and mainly from academicians. How did you feel? 

[GBP] I see the reviews of doctors and academicians as endorsements of the methodology I have propounded for improving the quality of life.


7. What other profession apart from consulting excites you the most?

[GBP] Genetic Engineering and research in Quantum Physics.


8. How would you measure the success of this book?

 [GBP] If the book causes even the slightest shift in the reader’s thinking about the quality of his/her life, inspired the confidence in him/her that the quality of his/her life was significantly in his/her control, and persuaded him/her to try an idea or two from my book, I would consider the book to be successful.


9. How is the response so far for the book? 

 [GBP] Initial sales have been encouraging. Reader feedback is extremely positive.

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