Book Review - Long Run : A Paradise Augmented


Title - Long Run : A Paradise Augmented

Author - T Sathish

Genre - Fiction

A beautiful novel by Sathish.

The glitzy life of hugely successful fund managers comes with a cost, most of the times. 

What sort of turmoil they undergo or face in their personal life to be successful in their professional life couldn’t have been explained better than this.

I have not read a story with this crux till date. 

It all begins with Anjali deciding to reach out to Raghu Santhanam, a blind fund guru. 

Life was so colourful with Ram, Eshwar, Niranjan, Anuradha(Anu) & Raghu joining NIM. The life of college days would surely make you remind of those days you had whole you were in college. It is during this time that Raghu & Anu fall in love with each other. 

While this romance story seemed strong and eternal, things take a different turn when Anu & Raghu decides to join different firms in contrasting fields. 

The dreams and goals conceived by Raghu becomes a villain in their otherwise conceived beautiful love story.

The dilemma faced by a just passed out Management Graduate as to which offer to accept and the one to reject and the discretionary meeting with one of the investment gurus would surely remind you of your previous years, if you had also undergone a similar situation.

I would say that this is a lesson which is valid and universal for all the aspiring fund managers who were also into love relationships. Not that everyone will end up the way Raghu did but many of them for sure. 

Who is the hero of this story?

Is it Raghu or Anu?

Pick up your copy to give a read and decide yourself. 

This book is available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats