Book Review - Captain Khadoos


Title - Captain Khadoos

Author - Arjun Hemmady

Genre - Fiction

Publisher - Treeshade Books

A beautiful novel which would keep you captivated from the beginning till the end. 

It all begins with the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team fighting depression. I loved the words “Depression is a disease that is managed and NOT fought”. It conveys such a powerful meaning. 

“Never ever be ashamed if you’re suffering from depression. See yourself as a source of inspiration” are the other lines which has found its place in the novel is the Need Of The Hour. This book is a combination of the game - Cricket & a trait which a human finds it difficult to address - Depression. 

The story was set in the year 2027 but with some rewind to the past. 

These are the important characters in the novel: 

Suraj - Indian Cricket Team Captain

Aditi - Psychologist

Sanjeev - Suraj’s father 

Varun - School Cricket Team captain

D’Mello - Cricket Coach

By 19, Suraj the protagonist finds his place in the Mumbai Cricket Team & Indian team by 21. Vikrant - Indian team captain

Struggles faced by a cricketer in his life especially when he is at his Prime and goes down in no time and how he bounces back is beautifully captured in this novel 

A 360 degree coverage of the life of a cricketer from being no where to become the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and winning series & championships. 

I felt like seeing the life of a real cricketer through this book which would go on to serve as an inspiration for the aspiring cricketers apart from those who are fighting depression. 

Cricket 🏏 lovers will surely rejoice reading this book as I’m sure that they could connect this with the life of their role models who too would have saved a similar kind of situation in their lives…